Master of All Roads: The Scorpion EXO XT9000 Carbon Adventure Helmet

Strong, Light, Versatile Adventure Helmet

From the polished asphalt of city streets to the raw earth of the wilds, the Scorpion EXO XT9000 Carbon helmet is a testament to meticulous design. It embodies a harmonious fusion of features that cater to both the urbane roadster and the trailblazing adventure rider.

When your hands are gripping the handlebars and the road stretches before you like a ribbon of opportunity, this helmet is like a trusted companion. Crafted from state-of-the-art 3K Carbon fiber, the EXO XT9000 is robust and resilient, yet remarkably lightweight. It's as if the craftspeople behind this helmet took inspiration from samurai armor – sturdy, lightweight, and crafted with a precision that borders on the poetic.

What's the most important thing about any ride? Confidence. Confidence that comes from knowing you're safe and secure, thanks to the helmet's DOT and ECE 22.06 homologations. It's the result of its aircraft-grade TCT-U 3K carbon fiber shell and the multilayered, multi-density EPS liner working in harmony to absorb and dissipate impact.

Perhaps one of the most stunning features of this helmet is its aerodynamics and ventilation. It's an ingenious combination of aesthetics and engineering. The peak visor of the XT9000 plays the role of an air conductor, pushing fresh air towards the top intake vents and guiding it through internal channels. The resultant flow is a fresh breath of air, akin to a mountain breeze, dissipating heat and ensuring comfort.

Speaking of vision, the helmet provides an almost panoramic view, with 190° horizontal and 100° vertical visual fields. This comprehensive range allows you to soak in the world around you in all its glory. It's like having the IMAX experience with every ride, with the added benefit of an adjustable internal air channeling system that keeps the fog at bay.

On long rides, fatigue can be a serious adversary. But with the XT9000, the design is such that it ensures a neutral balance, significantly reducing rider fatigue. Every detail, from its streamlined construction to the balance it provides, is geared towards making your ride as smooth and effortless as possible.

The Scorpion EXO XT9000 Carbon doesn't skimp on comfort either. The liner is a luxurious mesh of moisture-wicking KwikWick® III material that's breathable and easily removable. But the standout is the AirFit® adjustment system, an inflatable air bladder system in the cheek pads that allows you to customize the fit to your liking. It's like having a personalized cushion for your face, every time you wear it.

Versatility is the name of the game with the XT9000. Its design is flexible, allowing you to adapt it to your specific riding needs. You can streamline its profile by removing the peak visor or swap the shield for goggles when going for some serious dirt riding. And if you're in a hurry, the eye port is large enough to accommodate most goggles even with the shield up.

In a nutshell, the Scorpion EXO XT9000 Carbon helmet is a piece of wearable technology. A symbol of adventure, resilience, and freedom. Whether you're a globetrotter, a highway rider, or an off-road junkie, the XT9000 is built to keep you comfortable and safe, giving you the confidence to conquer any terrain, in any weather, and at any speed. It's not just a helmet. It's a statement. A statement of your love for the open road, the joy of movement, and the thrill of adventure.

Pros of the Scorpion EXO XT9000 Carbon:

  1. Superior Materials: Constructed from aircraft-grade 3K carbon fiber, offering both robust strength and lightweight characteristics. The carbon fiber shell coupled with the multi-layered, multi-density EPS liner provides excellent impact absorption and dispersion.
  2. Exceptional Vision: With a wide field of view (190° horizontal and 100° vertical), the helmet ensures riders have optimal visual awareness. The anti-fog Pinlock® MaxVision shield contributes to clear vision under various weather conditions.
  3. Aerodynamics and Ventilation: The helmet's aerodynamic design and ventilation system maximize airflow, reducing heat and humidity within the helmet. This enhances rider comfort, particularly during longer rides or in warmer climates.
  4. Versatility: This helmet can be reconfigured to suit different riding needs. Whether it's removing the peak visor for a more streamlined profile or swapping the shield for goggles, the XT9000 is adaptable to various riding scenarios.
  5. Comfort: The breathable, moisture-wicking KwikWick® III liner and customizable AirFit® adjustment system enhance rider comfort. These features make it a suitable helmet for both short and long-distance rides.
  6. Safety Compliant: It meets both DOT and ECE 22.06 safety standards, which should give riders confidence in the helmet's protective capabilities.

Cons of the Scorpion EXO XT9000 Carbon:

  1. Price: Starting at $499.95, the Scorpion EXO XT9000 Carbon could be considered pricey. This helmet is undoubtedly a premium product and may not fit within everyone's budget.
  2. Weight: Although made from lightweight materials, the helmet weighs 1,580 grams (approximately 3.48 lbs) for a size medium. This might feel heavy for some riders, especially during longer rides.
  3. Aesthetic Options: While there are some color and design options available, the aesthetic choices for the Scorpion EXO XT9000 Carbon are relatively limited compared to other helmet manufacturers.
  4. Potential Noise: While the helmet has been designed to reduce wind noise, some riders might still find it noisy, particularly at higher speeds or in windy conditions.
  5. Maintenance: The helmet requires regular maintenance for optimal performance, including cleaning and occasional replacement of certain parts like the lining and the visor.


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