TRUKD V2 Bed Rack: The Ultimate Solution for Versatile, High-Capacity Truck Storage

Durable, modular, high-capacity truck rack

Ah, the open road, a sturdy set of wheels beneath, and the sturdy TRUKD V2 Bed Rack System harnessed securely to your trusty steed. There's a distinctive allure in the robustness of this rig. It's like an all-terrain, versatile testament to the open-ended possibilities of modern adventure.

Picture this: the desert sunrise as the backdrop, with the silhouette of the majestic Chevy Colorado cutting through the soft pink morning light. The TRUKD 6.5″ V2 Bed Rack, adjustable to your liking, cradles your gear, as robust as it is flexible. And with options spanning from the compact 6.5″ model to the towering 24.5″ behemoth, this rack embraces adaptability.

Switch out the Chevy for the GMC Sierra, and it doesn't miss a beat. The Ford F150, the Maverick, the illustrious Jeep Gladiator— each one finds a companion in this piece of equipment that, like a Swiss army knife, moulds itself to the needs of the bearer.

These racks are an embodiment of rugged resilience, a testament to the spirit of adventure. Whether it's overlanding, offroading, kayaking, or even a tranquil fishing trip, these racks carry your passions and dreams over the highs and lows of the road.

Their adjustable height and length ensure a perfect fit for every truck, every situation. And their robust construction – a generous 500 lbs per bar static load, mind you – paired with rust-free guarantee, shows their readiness to weather any storm you choose to traverse.

But it's not just the rigidity that's commendable. The TRUKD V2 Bed Rack embraces the nuances of your individuality. Each rack is like a blank canvas, with modular accessory panels, ready to cater to your every need. Be it RotoPax, High Lift Jacks, Traction Boards, or your faithful fishing rods, it carries them all. And its compatibility with tonneau covers and soft toppers ensures your precious cargo is shielded from the elements.

And the price? Well, like a timeless bottle of vintage, or a well-crafted timepiece, quality comes at a cost. The racks' craftsmanship, their versatility, the meticulous attention to detail – all reflect in their price. The discerning adventurer understands that every journey, every road, every bend holds its own challenge. And in this varied, unpredictable landscape, the TRUKD V2 Bed Rack stands as a steadfast, reliable companion.


  1. Super Configurable: The TRUKD V2 Bed Rack offers exceptional modularity. This means you can adjust the system to your specific needs, whether it's for overlanding, offroading, or just simple camping.
  2. Compatible With Tonneau Covers: If you have a tonneau cover, you'll appreciate the fact that these bed racks are designed to work seamlessly with them, maintaining full functionality.
  3. Strong and Durable: Made from 10 gauge steel, these bed racks are built to last. This material offers a high level of resistance to wear and tear.
  4. Perfect Fit Guarantee: If the rack doesn't fit your truck perfectly, the company offers a full refund and will even cover the return shipping costs. They also assure the rack will be a great fit before it leaves the factory.
  5. Rust Free Guarantee: The coatings on these racks are top-notch, protecting against rust. The 5-year guarantee against manufacturer's defects gives you peace of mind.
  6. Wide Compatibility: Apart from a few exceptions, the TRUKD V2 Bed Rack is compatible with a large range of trucks.
  7. Adjustable Height and Length: Depending on your cargo needs, you can adjust the height and length of the bed rack.
  8. High Load Capacity: With a static load capacity of 500 lbs per bar, these bed racks can carry substantial weight.


  1. Price: The TRUKD V2 Bed Rack is more expensive compared to some of its competitors. However, this is justified by its higher quality and features.
  2. Limited Compatibility: While compatible with a large number of trucks, there are some exceptions. Notably, the Dodge Ram 1500 with Ram Boxes, Hyundai Santa Cruz, Chevy Avalanche, and Rivian R1T are not compatible.
  3. Vertical Uprights: While they allow full functionality of tonneau covers, the vertical uprights may not be to everyone's liking in terms of design or compatibility with certain accessories.
  4. Guarantee Limitation: The rust-free guarantee doesn't cover damage from use, only manufacturer's defects. If the rack gets damaged from normal use within the 5-year span, the guarantee may not cover it.
  5. Complex Assembly: Given the modular nature of the bed rack, assembly might be more complex compared to other, less versatile, racks. This might be a downside for those looking for a simple, straightforward setup.

Overall, the TRUKD V2 Bed Rack seems to be a high-quality product designed for versatility and durability. It may be more expensive than other racks on the market, but it justifies this with its range of features and guarantees.

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