Manz Motor Co. Land Rover Defender 110 6×6 Truck: A Rare Blend of Power and Luxury

Robust, Luxurious, Exclusive, Capable, Collectible

Imagine a machine that not only embodies rugged capability but also wraps it in sheer elegance. The Manz Motor Co. Land Rover Defender 110 6×6 Truck is a testament to that very notion. Born from the sturdy DNA of a 1983 Defender, this machine is no mere restoration but a complete evolution into something extraordinary. With an extra axle added, this truck sports a 6×6 drivetrain, ensuring that where you point, it goes, regardless of the terrain.

The heart of this beast is a robust 6.2-liter LS3 V8 engine, a powerhouse that guarantees performance as vast as the landscapes it's built to conquer. Matched with a 6-speed 6L80E automatic transmission, it promises a smooth yet forceful ride. The pneumatically actuated differential, equipped with an onboard air compressor, ensures that each of the six wheels can handle its share of the load, adapting on the fly to any off-road challenge you might face.

The suspension system is nothing short of revolutionary for an off-roader of this pedigree. With a two-inch lift and Fox 2.0 remote reservoir dampers, paired with lower-rate springs and softer polyurethane bushings, it offers a ride that's both commanding and comfortable. The chassis, painstakingly restored and updated, forms the perfect backbone for this formidable machine.

Aesthetically, the Defender 6×6 is a nod to classic sophistication, painted in Aston Martin Xenon Grey. The interior is a luxurious blend of custom black and tan leather, trimmed in Alcantara, with black anodized billet aluminum accents—a cabin that wouldn’t be out of place in a vehicle twice its price. The carbon fiber hood and accents are the cherries on top, adding a modern touch to its classic lines.

Limited to just 12 units, this truck isn't just a vehicle; it's a collector’s item, a work of art that is as much at home in a connoisseur’s garage as it is on rugged mountain trails. For the discerning enthusiast who believes more is indeed better, the Manz Defender 6×6 offers an unmatched blend of power, luxury, and exclusivity. It's an expression of automotive craftsmanship meant to be both admired and utilized, a rare jewel in the crown of off-road adventure vehicles


  1. Exceptional Power and Performance: Equipped with a 6.2-liter LS3 V8 engine and a 6-speed 6L80E automatic transmission, this truck delivers robust performance that can handle tough terrains with ease.
  2. Enhanced Traction and Stability: The 6×6 drivetrain provides superior traction and stability, making it ideal for off-road adventures and challenging conditions.
  3. Luxurious Interior: The cabin features high-end materials such as custom black and tan leather and Alcantara trim, offering comfort and style that rivals luxury vehicles.
  4. Exclusive and Limited Edition: With only 12 units produced, it holds an exclusive appeal that makes it a collectible item for automotive enthusiasts.
  5. High-Quality Suspension Upgrades: The truck includes a two-inch lift with Fox 2.0 shocks and softer bushings, which enhance the driving experience by providing a smoother ride on rough terrains.


  1. Limited Availability: Being limited to just 12 units, it might be difficult to purchase or replace parts due to its rarity.
  2. Potentially High Maintenance Costs: The high-end components and custom features might result in higher maintenance and repair costs.
  3. Fuel Efficiency: Given its powerful V8 engine and the added weight of a 6×6 configuration, it is likely to have poor fuel efficiency.
  4. Cost: As a premium, limited edition vehicle, it is expected to have a high price point, which could be a significant barrier for many potential buyers.
  5. Practicality for Daily Use: Its size and performance-oriented design may not make it the most practical vehicle for daily commuting or urban driving.
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