Lotus Type 136: Electrify Your Ride with Track-Inspired Performance

Agile, Electrified, Elite

In the realm of two wheels, the Type 136 emerges as a testament to Lotus's storied 75-year pursuit of boundary-pushing design. This isn't just any road bike; it's a ride steeped in Olympic lineage, a modern marvel that channels the spirit of Lotus's track legends. Imagine the Type 108, that icon of cycling history, reimagined for today's racing champions and tomorrow's roads.

The craft of the Type 136 is pure artistry—a symphony of aerodynamics and technology. Picture this: a frame so exquisitely carved by virtual wind tunnel sessions, a collaboration between the visionary minds at Lotus Design and the aerodynamic wizard, Richard Hill. It's the kind of design that doesn't just slice through the air; it dances with it.

Now, add to that the High Performance System (HPS) e-bike motor, a marvel at just 300 grams. It's feather-light, yes, but don't let that fool you. This motor, with a legacy tracing back to the Mars Lander project, delivers a punch of power with a staggering 125 Watts per kilogram. It's dual-use functionality at its finest, offering a ride that's swift and spirited, one that can stretch to three hours of electric-assisted power.

The Type 136 is a chameleon of the roads. With the battery, it's an electric assist e-bike that propels you faster and further with ease. Strip it down, and it's a lightweight mechanical road bike, ready to respond to every pedal stroke with the agility and speed of a thoroughbred racer.

For those who seek the ultimate in exclusivity, the First Edition Type 136 awaits. Cloaked in Black Gold, each of the mere 136 bikes is a collector's dream, numbered and adorned with a full Campagnolo Super Record Wireless Groupset and the aerodynamic Campagnolo Bora Ultra WTO 60 Wheelset. It's more than a bike; it's a piece of history.

But Lotus doesn't halt at the past. The standard Type 136 beckons with choices in vibrant yellow or classic black, fitted with either SRAM RED or SRAM FORCE groupsets and DT SWISS wheelsets. The sleek carbon fiber frame, handmade in Italy, promises a ride that's both thrilling and refined, whether you're cruising city streets or challenging mountain passes.

The Type 136 is Lotus's bold stride into the electrified future of cycling, blending their unmatched racing heritage with the thrill of innovative e-bike technology. It's not just about owning a piece of Lotus; it's about experiencing the road with the heart of a racer and the soul of a champion.


  1. Heritage and Design: The Type 136 carries Lotus's rich Olympic and automotive legacy, ensuring a product built with a champion's DNA.
  2. Advanced Aerodynamics: Developed with input from aerodynamic experts, the bike promises efficiency and speed with its wind-tunnel-tested design.
  3. Lightweight Motor: Incorporates one of the lightest e-bike motors available, developed from aerospace technology, allowing for an agile and powerful ride.
  4. Dual-Use Functionality: Offers the flexibility to be used as a traditional road bike or as an electric assist e-bike, adapting to various riding preferences and needs.
  5. Exclusivity: The limited First Edition model offers exclusivity with only 136 bikes available, each individually numbered, catering to collectors and enthusiasts.
  6. Top-Tier Components: Both models come equipped with high-quality groupsets and wheelsets, ensuring top performance and reliability.


  1. High Price Point: With the First Edition model priced at £20,000 and the standard models at £15,199 and £16,999, it's a significant investment that might be inaccessible for many.
  2. Limited Availability: The exclusivity of the First Edition might be a downside for those interested, as it's limited to just 136 bikes.
  3. Battery Life: A three-hour battery life may not suffice for longer rides or for those looking to use the electric assist extensively throughout the day.
  4. Weight Consideration: While the bike is lightweight for an e-bike, the addition of the motor and battery system may still make it heavier than traditional road bikes, which could affect handling and transportability.
  5. Future Availability: The standard Type 136 won't be available until Spring 2024, requiring interested buyers to wait or pay a premium for the First Edition.

From £15,199

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