Remco Tools Dual Bike Lift: The Professional’s Choice for Bike Maintenance

Motorized, dual-capacity bike stand

In the world of bike maintenance, having the right gear is not just about the tools in your hand—it's about how you position yourself and the bikes you're working on. That's where the Remco Tools Dual Bike Lift comes in, a nifty piece of equipment that's a game-changer for those who take their two-wheeled steeds seriously. Picture this: a stand that not only elevates your bike but does so with the sophistication of a motorized lift, capable of hoisting up to 100 pounds with a gentle push of a button. It's like having an extra pair of hands, or better yet, a robotic assistant that's ready to bring the bike up to your level, saving you from the deep bow of inconvenience.

The standout feature is undeniably the dual capability—two bikes in the air simultaneously, which is a testament to efficiency. Imagine the harmony of working on multiple bikes without the usual dance around a cramped space. This lift isn't just a space-saver, it's a back-saver too. With a range that goes from a modest 33.75 inches to a towering 59.75 inches, it caters to whatever posture you find most comfortable.

What's more, it's designed to play well with the clamps you've already got in your shop. Whether it's the Remco Quick Release or the Park Tool Professional, the Bike Lift doesn't discriminate, offering a universal handshake to the clamps that have been with you through thick and thin.

But it's not just about lifting. It's about precision. With three programmable height presets, you can find your sweet spot and get back there every time without a second thought. And with its sturdy build, this lift can stand alone bolted to the ground, or on a base plate, ready to move where it's needed most.

So, for the professionals out there, or the enthusiasts who demand the best from their equipment, the Dual Bike Lift is a robust, reliable, and downright respectful addition to the workshop. It's a significant investment, sure, but for the ease and efficiency it brings to the table, it's one that speaks volumes of your commitment to the craft of bike maintenance. Just remember, it's not for the hefty cargo bikes with their elongated geometries; this lift has its limits, after all. But within its range, it's a lift that'll elevate not just your bikes, but the way you work on them.


  1. Dual Capacity: Allows for simultaneous maintenance of two bicycles, maximizing efficiency and workflow in professional settings.
  2. Motorized Height Adjustment: Offers easy lifting with over two feet of height adjustment, reducing physical strain and enhancing ergonomics.
  3. Compatibility: Designed to work with a variety of professional clamps, ensuring versatility for different repair needs.
  4. Space Saving: The compact design helps optimize workshop space, particularly beneficial for smaller areas.
  5. Memory Presets: Three programmable height presets allow for quick and consistent adjustments between tasks.
  6. Stability Options: Can be bolted to the floor or a base plate, providing a secure and stable work environment.
  7. Weight Capacity: Each lifting column can handle up to 100 lb., suitable for most standard bikes.
  8. Finish: Powder-coated finish on all metal components ensures durability and resistance to wear.


  1. Price: The high cost might be prohibitive for casual users or smaller shops with limited budgets.
  2. Exclusion of Clamps and Base Plate: Essential components like clamps and base plate are not included, requiring additional investment.
  3. Limited Application for Cargo Bikes: Not designed to lift cargo bikes or those with very long geometries, limiting its use for some bike types.
  4. Power Requirement: As a motorized unit, it requires a power source, which may not be convenient in all workshop layouts.
  5. Weight Limit: Although 100 lb. is sufficient for most bikes, exceptionally heavy or custom builds might exceed this limit.
  6. Complexity: The advanced features may require a learning curve for some users, potentially complicating the initial setup and use.

$1,974.00 CAD

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