Atomic Hawx Ultra XTD 130 BOA GW: The Expert Skier’s Choice

Rugged, Precise, Warm, Responsive, Advanced

Imagine strapping into boots that redefine the intersection of power and finesse, where every ascent is as enthralling as the descent. Picture a boot that's a conversation starter on the lift and a game-changer on the slopes. We're talking about the Atomic Hawx Ultra XTD 130 BOA GW Alpine Touring Ski Boots, the latest powerhouse in the industry that's turning heads and setting benchmarks.

Crafted for those who seek the narrow, low-volume fit, these boots are not just a piece of equipment but a portal to a superior skiing experience. They're a perfect blend of technology and comfort, designed for the advanced to expert skier who demands nothing but the best. With a very stiff flex of 130, they're tailored for hard chargers with larger builds, delivering the kind of power and control that can muscle through any condition.

The core of these boots lies in their innovative Memory Fit technology. Within minutes, a fully personalized fit is achieved, wrapping around your foot and ankle with precision that feels almost like a second skin. The new True Flex Polyurethane shell enhances this experience, making it smoother to flex and even easier to slide in and out of.

When it's time to switch from ski to walk, the Free/Lock 4.5 mechanism kicks in, offering an astounding 54 degrees of motion. Paired with the frictionless pivot, you'll find climbing not just bearable, but enjoyable. The ascent feels natural, almost effortless—like the mountain is beckoning you to its peak.

And let's talk about the BOA Fit System. This isn't just any BOA; it's alpine-grade, with a robust steel cable and a knob that not only tightens but can also release tension. It's the kind of micro-adjustment that lets you dial in the perfect fit, even when you're out in the wild.

But the true spirit of these boots is in the details—the Prolite construction that adds strength only where it's needed, the washable 3D Platinum Tour Liner with Thinsulate insulation keeping you warm and the Energy Backbone that translates your efforts directly to the skis with an unyielding grip.

With the Atomic Hawx Ultra XTD 130, you're not just buying a boot; you're investing in an experience. At $949.95, it's not just about the advanced features like the GripWalk soles or the investment-cast tech inserts. It's about knowing that when you're at the top of that backcountry line, your boots won't let you down.

For the skier who lives for the thrill of the alpine adventure, who knows the joy of a peak earned by sweat and skill, these boots are a testament to what's possible when precision engineering meets mountain soul.


  1. Narrow Last: With a 98 mm last, the boot offers a snug fit for those with narrow feet, enhancing control and precision.
  2. Memory Fit Technology: Offers a fully personalized shell, cuff, and liner for a custom fit, crucial for comfort and performance.
  3. High Flex Index: A flex of 130 means very stiff boots, providing excellent power transfer for aggressive skiing and larger skiers.
  4. 3D Platinum Tour Liner: This feature ensures comfort, is washable, breathable, and has Thinsulate insulation for warmth.
  5. BOA® Fit System Alpine: Provides precise fit adjustments and is designed to withstand the rigors of alpine skiing.
  6. Prolite Construction: The boots are built strong where needed yet remain lightweight, which is essential for touring.
  7. Versatile Ski/Walk Mode: The Free/Lock 4.5 mechanism with a 54˚ range of motion allows for comfortable and natural movement during ascents.
  8. GripWalk Sole: Offers improved traction and ease of walking when off the skis.


  1. Price: At $949.95, they are quite an investment, potentially out of reach for casual or budget-conscious skiers.
  2. Stiff Flex: The very stiff flex might be too aggressive for intermediate or lighter-weight skiers, limiting its user base.
  3. Narrow Fit: While great for those with narrow feet, skiers with wider feet might find these boots uncomfortable.
  4. Complex Adjustments: The advanced features like BOA® system and heat molding may require professional fitting, which can be inconvenient.
  5. Weight: Despite the Prolite construction, these boots might still be heavier than some ultra-light touring boots, which could be a drawback on longer tours.
  6. Colorway: While subjective, not everyone may appreciate the new colorway, limiting its aesthetic appeal to a certain user group.


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