Loopwheels – Suspension on Wheels

These cool looking wheels not only make you bike look good but it also makes your ride smoother. Instead of spikes, Loopwheels have springs that act as shock absorbers. They're a good alternative to suspension forks because they don't add bulk, which makes it perfect for folding bikes. They absorb shocks in essentially all directions and each wheel only weigh about 300g more than standard 20″ wheels. Unfortunately, they can't be fitted onto any bike:

You need there to be a minimum of 260mm from the front wheel axis (the centre of the hub) to the underside of the fork, and from the rear wheel axis to any part of the bike frame, in order to fit loopwheels to your bike.

In addition, loopwheels have hubs sized as follows:

Front drop out centre: 100mm
Rear drop out centre: 117mm
The “drop out centre” on a bike is the distance between the forks where the hub fits. People also refer to the overlock nut dimension: it's basically the same measurement. Watch out to check your forks are wide enough for our hubs!

The loopwheel was a successful Kickstarter campaign.

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