Livall PikaBoost converts your bike into an ebike without tools

Tool-free and affordable

Ebikes are nice. They make cycling more efficient. They allows you to go further and faster with the same amount of effort. But they're also quite expensive.

Livall's PikaBoost converts your non-motorized bike into an ebike. At an estimated retail price of $599 ($299 on Kickstarter), it's a lot cheaper than a full-time ebike and does not require tools for installation.

To install the PikaBoost simply attach it to the seatpost, turn the lever, and press it down until it makes contact with the tire. The whole process takes about 30 seconds.

It has a range of up to 18 miles (30 km) on full electric assist mode. The batteries are replaceable so you can easily extend the range.

Charge the battery while you ride

The PikaBoost has three modes. On cruise mode, it moves without any assistance from the user for a chill ride to the destination.

On Eco mode, the PikaBoost will only provide assistance on uphill terrains or on bumpy roads. The motor will automatically switch off when going downhill and on flat roads. The regenerative system will then charge the battery as it moves.

If you want to charge the battery full time as you pedal, there's Exercise mode. In exercise mode, the PikaBoost acts like a dynamo full time and does not provide any assistance. Instead it provides resistance for a harder workout while you ride. When low on power, the PikaBoost app will alert you to go into Exercise mode to give a chance to power it up.


  • Cheaper than ebikes
  • Removable batteries for extended range
  • Tool-free installation
  • Silent


  • Performance in muddy environment unknown
  • A kickstarter project
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