Lightload Towels: Revolutionizing Travel with Ultra-Light, Super-Absorbent Towels

Compact, Lightweight, Absorbent, Versatile, Eco-friendly

As a global wayfarer and an enthusiastic adventurer, there's one companion I found hard to resist: Lightload Towels. For all those spirited souls with a thirst for the open road, these are more than just towels. Think of them as your versatile travel buddy, always ready to step in when you need it the most.

Imagine a towel so incredibly compact and light it makes the word ‘portable' sound like an understatement. At a mere half an ounce, it weighs less than a piece of your favorite trail mix. Compressed into a coin-sized mini tablet, it leaves a negligible footprint in your luggage, allowing you to prioritize essential supplies for your journey. A real game-changer in travel convenience, wouldn't you say?

But don't let its size fool you. This towel may be small when packed, but it's a Goliath in terms of its use. Made from award-winning Lyocell derived from sustainable wood and plant scraps, this creation is a testament to how far we've come in sustainable innovation. More than just environmentally friendly, this material boasts exceptional qualities. Breathable, hypoallergenic, and even burnable in a pinch, this towel outperforms the standard microfiber or cotton options on many levels.

And then there's the multitasking prowess of these towels. Born from a desire to provide long-distance hikers a practical personal care solution, Lightload Towels have evolved into a multi-purpose tool. They can serve as emergency bandages, a source of comfort in cold weather, or even double as fire starters. Impressed yet? I certainly am.

Lightload Towels are also undeniably masters of absorption. Able to take in over 9.5 times their weight, they put conventional cotton and microfiber towels to shame. The exceptional water management not only wicks moisture away from your skin, keeping you warm in cool weather and cool in warm weather, but also enables them to dry quickly. That’s a trait you won't want to compromise on when on the move.

The crowning glory of these towels is their soothing touch. Made from bio-based fabric, they feel kind against your skin and can be a godsend during emergencies. Nettle stings, minor irritations, you name it. Just apply the dry cloth, and you'll feel the relief instantaneously.

All in all, Lightload Towels are a marvel of modern, practical design, perfect for travelers, hikers, campers, gym-goers, and just about anyone who loves the thrill of an active life. To all those adventurous souls out there, don't just take my word for it. Give these a try on your next expedition. You'll be amazed at what a ‘little' towel can do.


  1. Incredibly Compact and Lightweight: Weighing just .5 oz and compressed into a mini tablet coin size, these towels are easy to pack, store, and carry, making them ideal for travel and outdoor adventures.
  2. Sustainable Material: Made of 100% Lyocell derived from sustainable wood and plant scraps, Lightload Towels are an eco-friendly choice compared to traditional cotton or microfiber towels.
  3. Highly Absorbent and Quick-Drying: With an ability to absorb over 9.5 times their weight and excellent water-wicking properties, these towels outperform conventional options.
  4. Multi-functional: Beyond their primary function, these towels can also serve as bandages, emergency blankets, fire starters, static electricity insulators, and more, making them a versatile addition to any travel kit.
  5. Reusable and Machine Washable: Lightload Towels can be used multiple times and easily cleaned in a washing machine, enhancing their durability and practicality.
  6. Comfortable and Hypoallergenic: The bio-based fabric is gentle on the skin and can even soothe certain skin irritations, which is a bonus for sensitive or allergy-prone users.


  1. Disposable Nature: While reusable to some extent, these towels are still primarily designed as a disposable product, which may not align with the preferences of users seeking long-term durability.
  2. Size After Expansion: Despite their compact size when compressed, some users may find the expanded size (12×24 inches) to be less than expected, particularly if used as a primary towel during travel or outdoor activities.
  3. Absorption Limit: While these towels boast impressive absorption capabilities, there may be a limit to this feature, especially when compared to more substantial, traditional towels.
  4. Higher Cost: Compared to standard towels, Lightload Towels come at a relatively higher cost, which could be a deterrent for budget-conscious customers.
  5. Not Super Soft: Due to the nature of the material, these towels may not offer the same level of softness or comfort as high-quality cotton towels.

$9.99 (3-piece)

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