Tailfin’s Carbon Rack: Lightweight, Strong, and Built for the Road

Lightweight, versatile, secure bike rack

Friends, let me introduce you to something that might shake up your two-wheeled adventures. Think of it as a game-changer, a piece of fine craftsmanship that can turn a mundane bike ride into an epic journey. It's the Tailfin Carbon Rack. Just hearing the word “carbon” brings visions of sleek lines, feather-like lightness, and a certain cachet that's difficult to resist.

Priced at $465, the price tag might cause some to balk. But I'll tell you this – the value it adds to your biking experience will have you thanking your lucky stars you invested in it. It’s robust and stunning, but that’s not all – it's ultralight. This elegant beast, molded from carbon fiber, promises the lightest rack designed for fully-loaded travel, with no compromises.

And the versatility? Oh, my! If you're the type who likes to pack everything but the kitchen sink, opt for the Carbon Rack model with side pannier mounts. Almost limitless carrying capacity is your reward. But if speed's your thing and you prefer to cut through the wind like a hot knife through butter, go for the model without the side mounts. Simple and aerodynamic. I'd go with the former – after all, who knows when you'll need that extra pair of shoes or that favorite book?

The Tailfin Carbon Rack pairs flawlessly with the AP20 Trunk Top Bag. Talk about convenience. Load up, then take off with ease. And when you're done, pop it off just as effortlessly. I must say, the Fast Mount System is quite the innovator – a swift, rock-solid, secure setup with no drawbacks. The agility is breathtaking, with no sway or rattle – like poetry in motion.

And you know the best part? It's incredibly user-friendly. No tools required. Just a quick, simple process of attachment and removal. That's what I call true convenience.

Let's not forget about safety. After all, what's an adventure without a little peace of mind? Reflective panels and clip-on lights ensure you're visible on those dusky twilight rides or early morning excursions. And for you techies, there's even an option to fit additional lights.

Now, some specs for those who care about the nitty-gritty. The Carbon Rack with pannier mounts weighs in at 395g for fast-release mounting and 335g for Direct Mount. The model without the mounts is a bit lighter – 317g and 257g, respectively. And it can handle a significant load – up to 27kg for the model with mounts, and 9kg for the one without.

This is not just a bike rack, folks. It's a statement. It's about going beyond the expected, pushing boundaries, and seizing the freedom of the open road. In essence, it's about transforming an ordinary ride into a grand voyage of discovery. With the Tailfin Carbon Rack, the world truly is your oyster.


  1. Exceptional Lightweight Design: The Tailfin Carbon Rack is constructed with carbon fiber, making it incredibly lightweight. This ensures ease of travel without adding significant weight to your journey.
  2. Versatility: With options for side pannier mounts, this rack offers high flexibility in terms of load-carrying capacity. If you prefer simplicity and aerodynamics, you can choose the version without the mounts.
  3. Seamless Integration: The rack pairs perfectly with the AP20 Trunk Top Bag, providing a unified luggage carrying solution for riders.
  4. Fast Mount System: The patented mount system ensures that the rack can be fitted or removed in seconds, offering great convenience.
  5. Robust and Secure: Despite its lightweight design, the rack remains stable and secure, effectively eliminating any sway or rattle during travel.
  6. Enhanced Safety: The addition of reflective panels and the ability to mount clip-on lights promote rider visibility, making for safer trips.


  1. Price: At $465, the Tailfin Carbon Rack might be seen as quite an investment. It's certainly higher in price compared to other rack options, which could make it less accessible for some riders.
  2. Maximum Load Capacity: The version without side mounts has a significantly lower maximum load capacity (9kg) compared to the version with side mounts (27kg). For those who prefer a simpler, more aerodynamic setup, this might limit the amount they can carry.
  3. Learning Curve: While it offers a tool-free setup, first-time users may experience a learning curve in understanding how to fit and remove the rack effectively.
  4. Aesthetics: While the carbon fiber design is sleek and modern, it may not appeal to everyone, especially those who prefer a more traditional or rustic look for their bicycle accessories.


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