Light Up Your Campsite with MPOWERD Luci 44′ Solar String Lights & Power Hub

Solar-powered, durable, portable, versatile, bright

In the dance of light and darkness, there's a player that sways with elegance and utility, making the night a canvas for its luminescent artistry. Imagine this: a strand of lights, as long as a giant's leap, transforming the mundane into the magical, from the backwoods to the backyard.

The beauty of this creation lies in its simplicity and its adaptability. It comes with a string of 20 unbreakable bulbs, each housing a duo of warm white LEDs that cast a glow reminiscent of fireflies on a warm summer night. This garland of light stretches over 44 feet, like a bridge between stars, operated by the silent grace of the sun's energy.

A hardy 4000 mAh battery sits at the heart of this system, a detachable power hub, eager to serve two masters: to brighten darkened corners or to breathe life into your electronic devices when they yearn for power. The magic doesn't end when the sun kisses the horizon; the built-in solar panel allows these lights to drink deeply from the day, storing energy to outshine the night. And if you're in a hurry, a USB-C connection stands ready to speed up the process.

The lights boast a trio of modes, allowing you to choose the right ambiance for your setting, whether you crave the soft whisper of 20 lumens or the full conversation of 140. They are not just a source of illumination but a beacon of resilience, with a water-resistant build that whispers a silent challenge to the elements.

Set up is a breeze. An adjustable hanging strap and silicone-coated feet provide the versatility needed for any scenario, whether hanging from the rafters of an RV, strung across the expanse of a patio, or creating a cocoon of light in a dorm room. And when the party moves, so can they, collapsing down into a compact, portable unit, ready for the next destination.

This product, dear friends, isn't merely about shedding light; it's about illuminating life's moments. For those who chase the horizon, it's a trusty companion, ensuring the party doesn't end when daylight does. For the stay-at-venues, it's the accent that turns a gathering into a memory.

At just under $70, it's a token for freedom, a talisman against the dying of the light, and a statement that while we may venture into the wild, we need not leave the comforts of civilization behind. This isn't just a string of lights; it's a lifeline for your phone, a charm for your nights, and a declaration that the dance with darkness is one you're destined to win.


  1. Eco-Friendly Charging: Harnesses solar power effectively with a high-efficiency solar panel, eliminating the need for disposable batteries.
  2. Multiple Charging Options: Offers the convenience of both solar and USB-C quick-charge capabilities.
  3. Extended Lighting Times: Provides up to 40 hours of light on a single charge, ensuring long-lasting use.
  4. Durability: Features a water-resistant design with an IPX4 rating and shatterproof bulbs, suitable for outdoor conditions.
  5. Versatility in Use: With its multi-use design, it is ideal for various settings from camping and patios to indoor decor and van life.
  6. Portable and Compact: Designed to be easily packed away and transported, making it a great companion for on-the-go lifestyles.
  7. Multifunctional Power Hub: Acts as a power bank with USB-A and USB-C ports, serving dual purposes of lighting and device charging.
  8. Adjustable Brightness: Comes with three light modes to adjust brightness as per need.
  9. Indicators and Safety Features: Includes a battery level indicator and a 2-second quick shut-off option for safety and convenience.


  1. Price Point: At approximately $70, it may be considered a significant investment for budget-conscious consumers.
  2. Limited Weather Resistance: While water-resistant, the IPX4 rating may not hold up against extreme weather conditions.
  3. Length May Be Excessive: The 44 ft. length could be more than needed for smaller spaces, leading to unnecessary bulk.
  4. Charging Time: Solar charging can take up to 20 hours, which may be impractical in less sunny environments or during shorter winter days.
  5. Weight Consideration: Weighing over 1.5 pounds, it might add noticeable weight to a backpacker’s load.
  6. Brightness Limitation: Although offering three modes, the maximum 140 lumens may not be sufficient for those needing more intense lighting solutions.
  7. USB-C Only for Quick Charge: Those without USB-C compatible devices may find the quick charge feature less accessible.


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