Desiknio X20 Gravel ebike: A Fusion of Style, Performance, and Innovation

Sleek, Innovative, Lightweight, High-Performance, Comfortable

Traveling the world, you come across all sorts of innovations and ways people adapt to their surroundings, embracing both the old and the new. There's a particular creation that caught my attention recently, and it’s this electrifying steed from Desiknio, the X20 Gravel ebike. Now, this isn’t just your run-of-the-mill electric bike; it's a harmonious blend of modern technology and sleek design.

The folks at Desiknio have really put their heart and soul into crafting something that stands out in the crowded space of e-bikes. They've chosen to go with a full monocoque carbon frame, making the X20 not just a treat for the eyes but incredibly light on its feet, weighing a mere 12 kg. It’s like they’ve taken the soul of a racehorse and encased it in this elegant, yet rugged piece of machinery.

The heart of this beast is the Mahle X20 motor, a compact powerhouse that delivers a smooth and proportionate power, ensuring that every ride is as exhilarating as the next. It’s like having a trusty sidekick with you, ready to give you that extra push when you need it. The integrated battery sits stealthily in the frame, a design choice that not only enhances the aesthetics but ensures a balanced ride.

Riding the X20 is an experience in itself. The Shimano GRX 600 and Campagnolo drivetrain options provide a silent and clean ride, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in your surroundings, be it the bustling city streets or the tranquil country roads. The Ritchey Ergo Comp drop handlebars offer stability and control, ensuring that you’re in charge no matter where your adventures take you.

Now, this bike isn’t just about speed and efficiency; it’s also about comfort. The Ergon Saddle SR Pro Men ensures that every ride is a smooth one, and the specialist Cambium Rubber bar tape provides the perfect grip, whether you’re on a high-stress ride or taking it slow.

The X20 doesn’t just stop at performance; it’s also packed with features that make every ride a breeze. The integrated lights ensure that you’re seen, no matter the time of day, and the MySmartBike® APP by Mahle allows you to tailor the bike to your preferences, ensuring that every ride is just the way you like it.

Now, let’s talk about the price. Starting at €7,495, the X20 Gravel ebike is certainly an investment. But for those who are looking for a top-notch electric gravel bike that delivers on both performance and design, it’s a price worth paying.

In conclusion, the Desiknio X20 Gravel ebike is a machine that embraces the future while paying homage to the past. It’s a bike for those who want to feel the wind in their hair, the ground beneath their wheels, and know that they’re riding something truly special. So, if you’re in the market for an electric gravel bike that stands out from the rest, the X20 Gravel is definitely worth a look.


  1. Lightweight Design: The full monocoque carbon frame ensures that the bike is exceptionally light, making it easy to handle and maneuver.
  2. Smooth Power Delivery: The Mahle X20 motor provides a smooth and proportionate power delivery, enhancing the riding experience.
  3. Sleek Aesthetics: With the battery and cables integrated into the frame, the bike boasts a sleek and seamless design.
  4. High-Quality Components: Equipped with top-notch components such as Shimano GRX 600 or Campagnolo drivetrain and Ritchey Ergo Comp drop handlebars, the bike promises durability and performance.
  5. Comfortable Ride: The Ergon Saddle SR Pro Men and the specialist Cambium Rubber bar tape ensure a comfortable grip and seating, even on longer rides.
  6. Smart Connectivity: The MySmartBike® APP by Mahle allows riders to customize their ride and monitor various aspects of the bike, adding a layer of convenience.
  7. Safety Features: Integrated lights and the ability to control them via the frame-mounted system enhance visibility and safety.


  1. High Price Point: Starting at €7,495, the bike is quite an investment, which might not be accessible to all potential buyers.
  2. Limited Battery Capacity: While the bike does offer a decent range, the 236 Wh battery capacity might not be sufficient for extremely long rides without a recharge or use of the range extender.
  3. Potentially Overwhelming Tech for Some: With its advanced smart connectivity and multitude of features, less tech-savvy riders might find the bike a bit complex to fully utilize.
  4. Targeted Audience: Given its specific design and features, the bike is more suited for serious riders and may not appeal to casual cyclists or those looking for a simpler riding experience.

Starting €7,495

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