LifeStraw Go Series 22 oz: A Lifesaver for Thirsty Explorers & Planet Earth

Filtration, sustainable, versatile, impactful, durable

Ah, the LifeStraw Go Series 22 oz. An adventurer's trusty companion, and a wonderful tool for those with a thirst for exploration – both literally and metaphorically. This isn't just any water bottle; it's a force for good, a piece of innovation that lends a hand to our planet and its people.

The magic lies in the two-stage filtration process. This handy device effortlessly removes contaminants, making even the most questionable water sources safe for consumption. And let's not forget the carbon filter, which transforms your water's taste by reducing chlorine, odors, and organic chemical matter. You can now sip away with confidence, knowing that you're protected from bacteria, parasites, and microplastics that lurk in unknown waters.

What's particularly impressive is the longevity of the filters. The membrane microfilter will serve you well for about five years, while the carbon filter will keep your water fresh for two months. Just think of all the adventures you'll embark on during that time!

As if that wasn't enough, this bottle is a champion for sustainability. Made from 50% post-consumer recycled plastic, it's an eco-friendly alternative to those pesky single-use plastic bottles. And I'm all for a company that not only talks the talk but walks the walk, so kudos to LifeStraw for being a B Corp and Climate Neutral Certified brand.

But the real cherry on top is the company's mission to provide clean drinking water to children in need. With every purchase, you're not just investing in your well-being, but also making a difference in a child's life.

So, whether you're a globetrotter, a camping enthusiast, or just someone who values clean, safe water, the LifeStraw Go Series is a game-changer. It's not just a water bottle; it's an emblem of hope, sustainability, and the spirit of exploration. Cheers to that!

As with any product, the LifeStraw Go Series 22 oz has its fair share of pros and cons. Let's break them down:


  1. Superior Filtration: The two-stage filtration process removes bacteria, parasites, microplastics, sand, dirt, and cloudiness, ensuring safe and clean drinking water.
  2. Improved Taste: The carbon filter reduces chlorine, odors, and organic chemical matter, making the water taste better.
  3. Long-lasting Filters: The membrane microfilter lasts up to 1,000 gallons (4,000 L) or about five years of daily use, while the carbon filter lasts up to 26 gallons (100 L) or about two months.
  4. Eco-friendly: The BPA-free bottle is made from 50% post-consumer recycled plastic, reducing single-use plastic waste.
  5. Social Impact: LifeStraw is a B Corp and Climate Neutral Certified brand. For every purchase, a child in need receives safe drinking water for a year.
  6. Versatile: Ideal for travel, outdoor adventures, and everyday use, making it a valuable companion for various situations.


  1. Limited Filtration Capacity: While the membrane microfilter is long-lasting, the carbon filter requires more frequent replacement (every two months).
  2. Price: The LifeStraw Go Series may be more expensive than a regular water bottle or other filtration systems.
  3. Not Effective Against Viruses: The filtration system does not remove viruses, which may be a concern in areas with water sources containing viral contaminants.
  4. Size: At 22 oz, the bottle may not hold enough water for longer outings or for those with higher hydration needs.
  5. Filtration Speed: The filtration process might slow down the flow rate of water, making it slightly inconvenient for users who prefer a faster drinking experience.

In conclusion, the LifeStraw Go Series 22 oz is a versatile, eco-friendly, and socially responsible water bottle with advanced filtration capabilities. While it has a few drawbacks, its benefits make it a strong choice for those seeking safe, clean drinking water on-the-go.

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