Hyperlite Mountain Gear Unbound 55: The Pack that Knows No Boundaries

Lightweight, adaptable, durable, comfortable, efficient

Picture yourself embarking on an epic journey, where your greatest challenge lies not in the landscapes you traverse, but in the efficiency, comfort, and adaptability of the gear that accompanies you. Enter the Hyperlite Unbound 55, the ultimate trail companion that knows no boundaries.

The Unbound 55 is a heavyweight champion in a lightweight body. With an impressive 55-liter capacity, this pack is perfectly designed to accommodate extra clothing, gear, food, and water for extended adventures. The magic lies in the pack's ability to remain lightweight – only 1.9 lbs for the white version and 2.15 lbs for the black, ensuring minimal burden on your shoulders.

The pack's construction is undeniably robust, featuring Dyneema materials for the main body, lumbar, and bottom panel. This gives you confidence in your gear's resilience, as it will be jostled and dragged across all types of terrain. The combination of high-density foam and a shaped plastic PE sheet in the back adds structure and enhances load transfer, making those 2,000-mile hikes feel like a breeze.

But what truly sets the Unbound 55 apart is its adaptability. With a roll-top closure system, removable side compression straps, and multiple external pockets, this pack adjusts to your needs. The updated removable hip belt adds cushion and customization, while the new 5/8″ hardware balances durability with weight reduction. The integrated daisy chains allow for modular compression and innumerable gear lashing options, ensuring that you always have a place for everything.

From my perspective, the Hyperlite Unbound 55 is more than just a piece of equipment; it's a steadfast partner in your journey to explore the world. Its design leaves only the essential features, allowing you to focus on the thrill of the trail. Thru-hiking is a challenging endeavor, but with the Unbound 55 on your back, you can rest easy knowing you have a reliable, efficient, and comfortable companion to carry some of the weight. So, go forth and conquer those trails, my friend. The Unbound 55 is ready when you are.


  1. Lightweight: The Unbound 55 is designed to minimize weight without sacrificing durability, making it ideal for long thru-hikes.
  2. High capacity: With a 55-liter volume, the pack can accommodate extra gear, clothing, food, and water for extended adventures.
  3. Robust construction: Made with Dyneema materials, the Unbound 55 is resilient and able to withstand harsh conditions and terrain.
  4. Customizable fit: The removable hip belt and adjustable sternum strap allow for a personalized fit, ensuring comfort throughout your journey.
  5. Modular compression system: Integrated daisy chains and removable side compression straps offer a range of options for securing and compressing gear.
  6. Multiple pockets: The pack boasts various external pockets, including a large dual-entry front pocket and oversized side pockets, providing easy access to essential items.
  7. Compatible accessories: The Unbound 55 is compatible with various Hyperlite Mountain Gear accessories, allowing you to further customize your pack to suit your needs.


  1. Price: The use of high-quality, lightweight materials can make the Unbound 55 more expensive than other packs on the market.
  2. Limited color options: The pack is only available in two colors – white and black.
  3. Learning curve: The various customization options and unique features may take some time to get used to, particularly for novice hikers.
  4. Load capacity: While the Unbound 55 can hold a considerable amount of gear, it has a recommended load capacity of 40 lbs. Overloading the pack can compromise its performance and comfort.
  5. Limited padding: The pack's minimalist design may result in less cushioning compared to other packs, which could be a concern for some hikers, particularly on extended trips.
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