Geigerrig Hydration Engine – Suck-free

We love the idea of hydration packs in general but we love the idea of Geigerrig hydration packs even more. You see, unlike other hydration packs, it is the only one that doesn't make you suck. Instead, all you need to do is pinch the bite valve and water magically sprays out; you can share it, spray on yourself to cool down, or use it for cleaning. This bladder system they call the Hydration Engine has won many awards like nothing we've ever seen before for a hydration pack. You can buy the Hydration Engine bladder alone and use it with any backpack (including your old Camelbak hydration pack), or you can buy it together with the hydration pack. We suggest you check out the Rig 1600, Rig 1200 and Rig 500.

$41 Buy

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