KÜHL RADIKL OUTSIDER® Pant: Marrying Mountain-Tough Durability with Everyday Comfort

Durable, Flexible, Protective, Adventurous, Functional

These aren't your grandfather's old trousers. No, no, the “RADIKL” OUTSIDER® Pant is where tough durability and plush comfort collide into a cataclysmic, yet oh-so-fashionable explosion. Crafted in the bosom of the craggy mountains, these pants exhibit a character of durability that even the most hardcore outdoorsmen would tip their hats to.

The first thing that strikes you is the fabric – a proprietary blend christened Dynawax Ripstop™. It's a peculiar fusion of cotton, polyester, and nylon that somehow manages to be both rugged and breathable, standing up against the harshest wind and water, yet possessing a cotton-like comfort. It's like the best of both worlds – a mountain lion in the form of a pant, if you will.

What truly sets these pants apart is the hybrid design. They've taken a page out of a contortionist's book, infusing the pant with stretch panels. The result? A pant that's as flexible as a gymnast, yet comfortable and fit as a tailored suit. Plus, there's an option to taper the lower leg – perfect for those boots, shoes, and other adventurous expeditions.

The fabric composition is an interesting blend – the main body being 51% Cotton, 38% Polyester, and 11% Nylon, while the stretch panels boast 95% Nylon and 5% Spandex. It's a solid combination, ensuring durability and flexibility in equal measure.

And oh, the additional features. They've got a UPF 50+ rating, making these pants a veritable fortress against the sun's harmful rays. A water-resistant finish makes sure you're not caught off guard by a sudden downpour or clumsy spill.

The icing on the cake? The multitude of pockets. Eight in total, three of which are zippered for secure storage. And a hidden pocket, just for your cell phone. It's like a treasure trove of storage space. Plus, there's a Hypalon zipper garage, a nifty feature that ensures your zippers are safe from the elements.

Finished off with a KÜHL bar button closure and a promise of meticulous craftsmanship for a longer life cycle, these pants aren't just clothing – they're an investment in outdoor adventure. The “RADIKL” OUTSIDER® Pant – where the mountains meet style, comfort, and badass functionality.


  1. Material Quality: The blend of cotton, polyester, and nylon used in the main body offers an excellent combination of durability, breathability, and comfort. The Dynawax Ripstop™ fabric is designed to resist wind and water, making it an excellent choice for outdoor use.
  2. Design Flexibility: The addition of stretch panels made from nylon and spandex ensures that these pants are not only durable but also flexible, allowing for a wide range of movements. This flexibility, combined with adjustable leg openings, makes them a versatile choice for various outdoor activities.
  3. High UPF Rating: With a UPF 50+ rating, these pants offer excellent protection against harmful ultraviolet radiation, which is particularly beneficial for extended outdoor activities.
  4. Ample Storage: With eight pockets, including three zippered ones and a hidden cell phone pocket, these pants offer plenty of storage space for essential items.
  5. Additional Features: The Hypalon zipper garage is a nice touch, offering additional protection for the zippers. The water-resistant finish and meticulously crafted longer life cycle also add value.


  1. Price: The price point of $199 can be seen as steep for a pair of pants, potentially making them inaccessible for budget-conscious customers. However, the cost can be justified if one values the quality, features, and durability offered.
  2. Weight: At 5.0 oz./sq. yd. for the main body and 5.8 oz./sq. yd. for the stretch panels, these pants might be heavier than some other options on the market. This could be a concern for individuals looking for ultralight outdoor gear.
  3. Maintenance: The pants' complex material composition and features, such as the wax coating and the Hypalon zipper garage, may require special care or specific cleaning methods to maintain their optimal condition.
  4. Aesthetic Limitations: The design, while functional and flexible, might not align with everyone's aesthetic preferences. Given their unique features and rugged appeal, they may not transition well to less casual settings.

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