Aura Cycling System: Redefining Nighttime Rides with Wireless Synchronized Lights

Innovative, synchronized lighting for cyclists

I've found myself in many different corners of the world, navigating the snaking alleyways of Marrakech or the neon-drenched streets of Tokyo. If you're like me, you like a little adventure. A little thrill. And sometimes that thrill comes on two wheels, in the dark, and the Aura Cycling System comes into play.

Picture this: it's nighttime. The roads ahead are as dark as squid ink pasta. Your eyes, used to the warm glow of a trattoria or the flicker of a street vendor's fire, struggle to adjust. You need light. You need safety. The Aura Cycling System promises to be the lighthouse in your personal stormy sea of tarmac.

The design seems to be inspired by some kind of dystopian cyberpunk aesthetics, and yet it doesn't feel out of place. It's a cycling tech brainchild of Unit 1. The helmet? Equipped with headlight and tail-light. The bike? Its own head- and tail-lights that flirt with magnetism for secure mounting. The pièce de résistance? A wireless handlebar-mounted remote controlling this orchestra of illumination. It's tech-forward, yet intuitive – the recipe for a good gadget, in my book.

The true selling point of the Aura system, to me, isn't just the lumens, although they do pack a punch. It's the coordinated display, creating a bike that doesn't just have lights – it becomes a light. A swish of the remote, and the LEDs start a light show, indicating the direction you're turning. It's like each ride becomes a part disco, part safety seminar. The added feature of the lights pulsing faster and brighter when coming to a stop feels like the cherry on top. It's the details like this that often make a product stand out.

Let's talk helmet – this isn't your run-of-the-mill piece of safety gear. It's laced with features like magnetically interchangeable visors, a quick-release buckle, and an impact protection system. But the thing that really caught my attention was the motion sensor. A tumble and it sends an SOS signal, unless you tell it otherwise. If you're like me and you've found yourself alone on a deserted street at night, you can appreciate the peace of mind this offers.

The bike lights pop on and off with an easy-to-use magnetic mount, and the kicker is, they change color based on their placement. Red for the rear, white for the front. It's like a sartorial choice for your bike, and it's pretty cool.

As for the battery life, it seems like it could outlast even my most robust midnight escapades. Three hours for the helmet, 18 for the bike lights, 30 for the remote. That's a whole lot of adventure time. And the fact that they can all take a dip for half an hour? You won't have to worry about that sudden downpour or unintended splash.

The price tag might make you blink – $249 on Kickstarter, with an eventual retail price of $420. But sometimes you have to weigh up safety, style, and functionality. The Aura Cycling System seems like it could tick all those boxes. Of course, there's always other systems out there, like the Lumos Firefly system for comparison.

But hey, isn't part of the thrill of the ride in finding the right gear? And who knows, maybe the Aura Cycling System could be just the ticket for your next nighttime ride.


  1. Enhanced Safety: The primary benefit of the Aura Cycling System is improved visibility and safety during nighttime cycling. With synchronized bike and helmet lights, this system not only helps the rider see better but also enhances their visibility to others.
  2. User-Friendly: The wireless handlebar-mounted remote is designed for easy access and operation. This user-friendly feature enables riders to quickly activate turn signals without having to remove their hands from the handlebars.
  3. Versatile Helmet Features: The helmet includes interchangeable visors, a quick-release magnetic buckle, and an impact protection system. The SOS feature, which triggers an alert in case of a crash, adds an extra layer of safety.
  4. Color-Changing Lights: The lights automatically change color depending on their placement on the bike. This intelligent design eliminates the need for separate headlight and tail light units.
  5. Durable and Water-Resistant: The system is rated as IP67 water-resistant, meaning it can withstand being submerged up to 1 meter (3.3 ft) for 30 minutes. This enhances its durability in various weather conditions.
  6. Good Battery Life: With up to 30 hours of runtime for the remote, 18 hours for the bike lights, and three hours for the helmet lights, the system has a respectable battery life.


  1. Price: At $249 on Kickstarter and a planned retail price of $420, the Aura Cycling System is a significant investment. Budget-conscious riders might hesitate at the cost.
  2. Helmet Weight: Weighing 370 grams (13 oz), the helmet might be a bit heavy for some riders, especially over long distances or during extended use.
  3. Battery Life for Helmet Lights: Although the battery life for the bike lights and the remote is quite good, the helmet lights only last for three hours at full brightness. For long night rides, this may not be sufficient.
  4. Dependent on Smartphone App: Some functionalities, such as checking battery levels or setting the lights' flashing pattern, require using an accompanying smartphone app. This dependence could be inconvenient for those without access to a smartphone or those preferring simpler, standalone devices.
  5. New Product Risks: As the product is still in its Kickstarter phase at the time of this analysis, there might be risks related to delays in production, unfulfilled promises, or issues with first-run production quality.
  6. Lack of Physical Indicator Control: Despite the remote control's convenience, some cyclists might prefer a physical turn indicator mechanism integrated directly into the bike's handlebars or frame. The system might also rely on the rider remembering to signal their turn, which they may forget in hectic traffic situations.
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