KiWAV Motorcycle Kickstand Pad Plate: Secure Your Ride on Any Terrain!

Stable, Protective, Grippy, Lightweight, Essential

In the vast and uncharted landscapes of the open road, where I've spent countless hours seeking authenticity and connection, I've witnessed many seasoned riders fall victim to an unexpected enemy: soft ground and hot pavement. The heartbreak of watching a beloved motorcycle tip over, especially when it can be avoided, is a sight no one wants to witness.

The KiWAV Motorcycle Kickstand Pad Plate is the unsung hero we've all been waiting for. On the surface, it might seem like just another accessory, but delve deeper, and you'll discover its genuine value. Crafted with a special pattern on the back, this plate has a unique design to grip the ground better, ensuring that your motorcycle stays where you left it. It's not just about preventing the bike from falling; it's also about saving that pristine garage ceramic tile or painted floor from unsightly kickstand scuff marks.

Picture this: a blazing summer afternoon, the pavement almost shimmering from the heat, and there you are, ready to park your ride and take a breather. Now, any veteran rider knows that the kickstand on some motorcycles sports a rather petite base, making it all too easy to imprint a semi-permanent divot on that molten pavement. This is where the KiWAV pad shines. Despite its lightweight profile, this accessory is both strong and sturdy, effortlessly supporting your bike and ensuring that your machine remains upright.

So, if you find yourself traversing areas with scorching summers, don't leave things to chance. At just $8.99, the KiWAV Motorcycle Kickstand Pad Plate is not only a wise investment but also an essential companion. Ensuring your motorcycle's safety and keeping your surroundings pristine is just a pad away.

Remember, the road is unpredictable, but with the right gear, we can always be prepared. Safe rides, and always park with confidence.


  1. Prevents Tip-Overs: The pad provides a stable and steady surface, ensuring your motorcycle doesn't tip over on soft grounds or hot pavements.
  2. Protection for Floors: Prevents kickstand scuff marks on delicate surfaces like garage ceramic tiles or painted floors.
  3. Special Grip Design: The unique pattern on the back of the plate enhances grip on the ground, adding an extra layer of safety.
  4. Lightweight and Portable: Despite its strength, the pad is easy to carry around, making it convenient for riders on the go.
  5. Affordable: At $8.99, it's a small investment for the safety and protection it offers.


  1. Size Limitations: With dimensions of 3 inches (width) x 5 inches (length), it might not accommodate larger kickstands or heavier motorcycles.
  2. Single Color Option: Currently available only in black, which may not appeal to those seeking varied color options.
  3. Wear Over Time: Depending on usage, the grip design might wear down, potentially reducing its effectiveness in the long run.


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