Mend It Kits MTB Kicker: The Biker’s Essential for Safe Shredding!

Compact Mountain Biking First-Aid Kit

When you're out there, careening down a winding trail, the world blurring into a tapestry of earthy colors and adrenaline, the last thing on your mind is taking a fall. But let's be real. Sometimes the ride has other plans. And when it does? You'll want to have the MTB Kicker Mend It Kit along for the journey.

This isn't just any first-aid kit. It's a micro-kit designed with mountain bikers in mind, weighing in at a mere 0.8 oz. That's right. Lighter than that energy bar you've got stashed in your backpack. You won't even notice it's there until you need it. And believe me, when that moment comes, you'll be grateful it's got your back.

Now, about this finger splint – it's crafted from high-performance carbon-fiber reinforced polymer. And if that isn't techy enough for you, this splint is not just about mending those unexpected injuries. It doubles up as a bike mount. Genius, right? Pop it under your water bottle cage, or if you're a minimalist, just twist, break it off, and slip it into your pocket.

Inside this signature splint, all your essentials are tucked away in a weather-proof bag. From pain relief with Tylenol to disinfecting alcohol prep pads and Steri Strips for those deeper cuts. Plus, a nifty stainless steel safety pin ensures that if things get really hairy, your shirt or jacket can be MacGyvered into a makeshift sling. Talk about being prepared.

In a world where unexpected turns can lead to scrapes or worse, it's always wise to gear up. And in the grand tapestry of rides and trails, a tiny addition can make a world of difference. With the MTB Kicker Mend It Kit, you're not just prepared for the trails. You're geared up for life's unpredictable side trails. And hey, as the wise saying goes: “Don't Send It Without a Mend It!” So, saddle up and shred with confidence.


  1. Specialized Design: Tailored specifically for mountain bikers, ensuring it meets the unique needs of trail riders.
  2. Ultra-Lightweight: At just 0.8 oz, it adds negligible weight, crucial for riders who want to maintain speed and agility.
  3. Dual-Function Splint: Made of high-performance carbon-fiber reinforced polymer, the finger splint also functions as a bike mount. This dual-purpose design maximizes utility while saving space.
  4. Easy Accessibility: Can be mounted under a water bottle cage or stashed in a pocket, making it easily accessible during rides.
  5. Weather-Proof Bag: Protects the first-aid supplies from the elements, ensuring they remain intact and effective.
  6. Versatility: Includes a stainless steel safety pin, enabling a jacket or shirt to function as a sling for arm and collarbone injuries.
  7. Comprehensive First-Aid Supplies: The kit includes a range of essential items, from pain relief medication to band-aids and sterilization pads.


  1. Limited Supplies: Being a micro-kit, it may not have all the extensive supplies needed for more severe injuries.
  2. Single Use Splint: The finger splint, once broken off for use, might not be reusable as a bike mount.
  3. Price Point: At $19, some might find it pricey for the limited number of items it contains, especially when compared to other generic first-aid kits.
  4. Potential for Overlooking: Due to its small size, riders might forget to restock or check the expiration dates of items like Tylenol and Neosporin.


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