Julbo Density: Championing Vision with Unparalleled Panoramic View

Visionary, Comfortable, Sustainable Eyewear

Picture this. You're scaling an Andean peak, or maybe you're blazing down a narrow trail on your mountain bike. Wherever your adventures take you, you'll need a trusty sidekick to handle the ever-changing whims of Mother Nature. That's where the Julbo Density enters the picture.

Imagine eyewear that feels so light, you might forget you're wearing anything at all. That's what the Density promises. It's an audacious design that reimagines performance eyewear, a perfect amalgamation of ultramodern style and function that's as daring as your adventures.

The minimalistic frame hugs an expansive cylindrical lens, a vista onto the world that provides a generous field of vision, unencumbered and unobstructed. A glimpse through this lens, and it's as if you've shed any barriers between you and the wild world you've set out to conquer.

CustomFit Temples give the Density an almost bespoke quality. Like a well-tailored suit, these glasses adapt to your unique shape, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit, as if they were made just for you.

Think about those heart-pounding moments in your adventure, when your body is working hard, and your equipment needs to keep up. The Density takes it all in stride with its strategically placed front vents, designed to promote airflow and eliminate fogging. No more blurry sights, just a crystal-clear view of your journey ahead.

The Density doesn't just stay in place. It grips you with the tenacity of a mountain climber's hold, thanks to soft grip inserts on the nose bridge and Grip Tech Temples. Don't worry about your hair or helmet straps getting snagged. The Density's got you covered.

Now let's talk about those REACTIV photochromic lenses. It's as if they have a life of their own. Adapting automatically from lighter to darker environments depending on the amount of UV light present, these lenses promise performance beyond comparison. Reactivity, they call it. A swift response to changes in light, giving you the freedom to venture into the great unknown, come sun or shade.

The best part? These lenses are born from an environmentally friendly ethos. Castor beans, of all things, provide the raw material for the frame, a bio-sourced alternative to traditional plastic that's lighter, stronger, and more gentle on our precious planet.

The Density from Julbo doesn't merely provide eye protection. It offers an experience, a true partnership on your outdoor exploits. Whether you're a seasoned thrill-seeker or just someone with a thirst for the great outdoors, the Density is a companion worth considering. After all, isn't every adventure better when shared with a reliable friend?


  1. Unobstructed Vision: The oversized, cylindrical lens offers a panoramic field of view, making it ideal for activities where a broad vision range is necessary.
  2. Customizable Fit: The CustomFit Temples ensure a precise and secure fit, offering a personalized and comfortable wearing experience.
  3. Fog-Prevention: Strategically placed front venting increases airflow and prevents lens fogging, offering clear vision even during high-exertion activities.
  4. Secure Grip: The Density features a nose grip and Grip Tech Temples for a secure hold. These features minimize movement during high-impact activities and prevent discomfort from hair or helmet straps getting snagged.
  5. REACTIV Photochromic Lenses: These lenses transition swiftly from lighter to darker shades based on UV light exposure. This dynamic adaptation provides optimal vision in varying light conditions.
  6. Environmentally Friendly: The frame is made from bio-sourced Rilsan derived from castor beans, making it a greener alternative to traditional plastic frames.


  1. Price: Priced at $249.95, the Density might be a significant investment for some. The cost may not be accessible to all potential users.
  2. Style versus Practicality: While the minimalist frame design contributes to the stylish appeal of the glasses, some users might prefer a more substantial frame for increased durability or protection from debris.
  3. Limited Compatibility with Prescription Lenses: While the product description doesn't specify, panoramic view sunglasses like these often can't accommodate prescription lenses. This could be a drawback for those requiring prescription eyewear.
  4. Potential Comfort Issues: The Density's focus on secure grip and customized fit might not be comfortable for all users, especially over extended periods. It depends heavily on individual preference and face shape.
  5. Dependency on UV Light: The REACTIV lenses' responsiveness to changes in light is based on UV presence. In certain environments like inside a car where UV light is filtered out, the automatic adjustment feature may not perform as efficiently.


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