Jones Sports Co.’s Trouper R: Durable Design Meets Eco-Conscious Materials

Sustainable, Organized, Durable, Elegant, Functional

It's not about the clubs, the swing, or even the course – it's about the bag that carries the memories of the game. The Jones Sports Co.'s Trouper R, a meticulously designed golf bag, might just be the perfect caddy companion for those long walks on the fairway.

Take a moment to admire its clean aesthetics – no needless frills or gimmicks. The simple lines, complimented by the tastefully chosen colorways, offer an understated elegance that speaks volumes. This is a bag that turns heads, not just for its looks, but for its impressive list of features.

Notice the full-length pocket, perfect for stowing away jackets and rain covers. A deep ball pocket adorns the side, allowing for quick access when a drive goes astray. Multiple fleece-lined compartments safeguard your valuables, ensuring they are not only secured but also protected from scratches. The front cooler pocket, large enough for four 16oz cans, keeps you hydrated and refreshed throughout the game.

But my personal favorite has to be the five-way club divider system with an additional top slot dedicated to your trusty putter. As the heart of your game, the putter deserves this special treatment. The genius of this design is in the protection it affords your clubs, preventing potential damage to those delicate graphite shafts.

Beyond its aesthetics and design features, the Trouper R stands out for its commitment to sustainability. Woven from 100% PET single-use plastic bottles, the recycled ripstop material is a testament to Jones' pledge towards a more eco-friendly future. And it doesn't compromise durability either – this bag is thoroughly tested in the unpredictable weather of the Pacific Northwest. Rain or shine, it stands strong and resilient.

The bag's dimensions, at 36″ length with an 11″ x 7″ top, give you ample room for all your golfing essentials. The addition of a double strap and a rain hood shows the meticulous thought put into this design – every golfer's need is accounted for.

The longer shoulder straps, revised stand mechanism, tension cross stitches in high stress point areas, cool gray fleece liner, and the new zipper for a faster opening of the cooler pocket show Jones's attention to detail. Not just in crafting a reliable golf bag, but one that's comfortable, durable, and practical.

At $280, the Trouper R is a testament to Jones Sports Co.'s commitment to both the golfer and the game itself. So why not personalize it and make it your own? Remember, every great golfer is defined not just by their swing, but also by their bag.


  1. Sustainability: The Trouper R's fabric is woven from 100% recycled PET single-use plastic bottles, reflecting a commitment to environmental sustainability.
  2. Elegant Design: With its simple lines and beautiful colorways, the bag is visually appealing, marrying functionality with aesthetics.
  3. Spacious and Well-Organized: The bag boasts several pockets, including a full-length pocket for clothing, a cooler pocket, multiple valuables pockets, and a deep ball pocket, providing ample storage for golfing essentials.
  4. Five-Way Club Divider: The inclusion of a five-way divider with an extra top slot for the putter allows for easy organization and protection of clubs.
  5. Durability and Resilience: The bag is water-resistant, has longer shoulder straps, a revised stand mechanism, and includes tension cross stitches in high stress point areas, all contributing to its durability and comfort.
  6. Personalization Options: Jones Sports Co. allows personalization of the Trouper R, adding a unique touch to the golf bag.


  1. Price: Priced at $280, the Trouper R may be considered expensive compared to other golf bags on the market.
  2. No Loose Ice in Cooler: The cooler pocket does not support loose ice cubes, which may limit its cooling capabilities.
  3. Limited Club Dividers: While the five-way club divider provides organization, it's worth noting that some other bags offer up to 14 slots, allowing for greater separation of clubs.
  4. Lack of External Umbrella Holder: There is no mention of an external umbrella holder, which could be a drawback for golfers who play in rainy weather.
  5. Weight: Although not specified, a multitude of features might add to the overall weight of the bag, potentially making it less convenient to carry.


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