Breathings Bulo Breathing Trainer monitors your lung health

For optimal lung performance

If you do any kind of sports or exercise, your lungs can make a huge difference in performance. Lung trainers have been around for a while but most of them lack the ability to tell how well your lungs is doing. With the Bulo Breathing Training Assistant by breathing specialist start-up from South Korea called Breathings (a spin-off from Samsung Electronics) you can now track and monitor your lung health while you try to improve it. To determine your current lung health, simply put it in your mouth and breathe out for 6 seconds. It then tells you the age of your lungs, maximum air capacity, endurance, strength and more on your smartphone.

Based on the results, Bula comes up with customized breathing exercises you can do to improve your lung performance. It tracks your progress and only takes 5 – 15 minutes to complete the exercises daily. Once you're done you can detach the mouthpiece for easy cleaning.

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