Iron Neck 3.0 Pro can fix poor posture and prevent neck and back injuries

For recovery, prevention, posture, and mobility

The neck is a great shock absorber and helps control the whipping motion of the head to protect your brain. One way to make your neck stronger is by using something like the Iron Neck. It helps build rotational neck strength by providing resistance when rotating your head.

The Iron Neck 3.0 Pro is the latest and best version of the Iron Neck and it features a dynamic tension braking system with haptic feedback and a Variable Friction Dial for controlling the level of resistance. Iron Neck claims to be the only 360º neck training system that helps in recovery, prevention, posture, and mobility.

If you're a fighter or do contact sports, the $499 asking price may be worth the price as it may help protect your brain. Results are guaranteed within 30 days.

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