Coolmitt helps you train more by preventing muscles from overheating

Enhanced performance through muscle temperature control

According to popular neuroscientist, Dr Huberman, temperature is the most powerful variable for improving physical performance and recovery. When your muscles get to hot it starts to fail and keeping it cool allows you to do more reps. And for some reason, putting ice on your muscle won't help as it constricts the arteries.

Humans transmit heat most efficiently through non-hairy portions of the body like the palms, soles, and upper face. Coolmitt controls muscle and core body temperature by circulating water around the palm surface. This circulating water takes heat away from the palms and cools the blood. The cool blood in turn goes back to the heart and then out to overheated muscles.  Coolmitt's cooling technology is scientifically proven to enhance performance through body temperature control.  

You can watch Dr. Huberman explain Coolmitt's technology in the video below.

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