X3 Bar next level resistance band training

All-in-One Variable resistance training

A 2019 study shows that using resistance bands can produce similar gains to using traditional gym equipment. Then there's a study in 2022 that shows that resistance band training is more effective for overweight people than other forms of training. The X3 Bar takes resistance band training to the next level by using a bar and a ground plate. It's designed to be an all-in-one home gym that “provides faster, better exercise benefits than conventional weight machines, squat racks, home gyms, etc.”

The ground plate protects your ankles when doing heavy resistances that can exceed 600 lbs. The bar is made of machined alloy steel and features internal bearings like an Olympic bar to optimize grip. And the Heavy resistance band can go up 600 lbs and the X3 includes a Light and Medium band as well. An Elite band can provide more than 600 lbs of resistance is sold separately. There's also a free X3 12-weeks workout program to transform your body.

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