Hypershell AI exoskeleton for backpacking

A performance boost on the mountain and trail

Hypershell Exoskeleton is a smart wearable robotic exoskeleton designed to provide support and enhance human performance. It is designed and developed by a robotics company called Hypershell, which is based in Shanghai.

The exoskeleton uses more than a dozen sensors to detect leg movement which then activates the 800W, 32N-m torque motor to assist in the movement. This allows adventurers to explore further, climb higher, run faster, and have more fun in the great outdoors.

Because you won't be as tired as normal walking when going far, you might overdo it a go past the 15.6-mile (25 km) range limit. The exoskeleton has an aircraft alloy frame and a foldable design making it lightweight and portable. Weighing only 3 lbs 15-7/16 oz (1,800 g) and with a folded volume of 6.5L, it weighs less and takes up less volume than a sleeping bag. You can also add about 5 km or range by charging it while walking with phone charger.

As for speed, the machine can go up 12 mph (20 km/h), which is more than the average speed of a man. The Hypershell Exoskeleton is currently on Kickstarter.

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