HECOstix Hand Eye Coordination Trainer simple but not easy

Used by professional athletes

The HECOstix is a simple training tool designed to improve focus, reaction time, and fine motor skills for athletes and other individuals looking to enhance their coordination abilities. The fact that many professional athlete across multiple disciplines from Formula 1 drivers to baseball players still use it to this day is testament to its effectiveness.

They're made of a proprietary blend of EVA foam that is firm yet soft enough to be safe for everyone in case of a miss.

To use HECOstix you need someone to throw it to you while calling out loud which color handle you should aim to catch. It requires you to track colors and process information quickly in order to catch them correctly.

Difficulty can be varied by adding more spin to the throw, changing the timing of the callouts, calling out the color and which hand to use, or use multiple HECOstixes. It may be a simple tool but there are a lot of ways to use it. You can follow how other trainers do it or you can get creative and come up with your way that suits your sport.

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