Huami Amazfit Studio provides feedback on your form

The Treadmill

Fitness entertainment company Studio teamed up with wearables company Huami to create Amazfit Studio, a 2-part home fitness equipment that consists of a fancy yet minimalist treadmill and what looks like a huge smartphone.

The treadmill has a maximum speed of 12 mph, which is typical for a mid-range to high-range treadmill, and a maximum incline of 7º. Inclines can be used to simulate outdoor running as it makes up for the lack of wind resistance indoors or it can be used to make indoor running more challenging. A 1º incline simulates the intensity of outdoor running when you run between 8 mph and 11.2 mph according to an article in Runner's World

According to Huami, running the the Amazfit Studio treadmill feels better than running on a rubber track because of the thick rubber-coated aluminum sheets the running belt is made of. It's the same type you see on high-end commercial  treadmills.

Unlike traditional treadmills, the Studio treadmill does not have a front panel where the controls would have been. Instead, there's a phone holder, two buttons, and two knobs, one on each side of the training bar.

The buttons on the bars are stop/start buttons and the knobs are for setting the speed and incline. All other settings are accessible via smartphone. If you are less than 100 kg, the metal lacquer-coated training bar is strong enough to do dips on. 

The giant screen

The other part of the Amazfit Studio is a 43″ screen called Glass.

Most TVs don't come with JBL surround-sound speakers but the Glass does. It also has a special TOF (time-of-flight) 3D camera built-in for analyzing your form and providing corrective feedback. There's a slide cover for those worried about privacy.

The Glass is where you can see over 1,000 on-demand classes with a variety of workouts taught by elite NYC instructors and not limited to running. In addition, you can also see your movements and exercise data including time, distance, heart rate, and calories burned.

There's even a high-definition noise-canceling microphone for third-party voice assistants to link smart home appliances.

The software requires a subscription and costs $34.99 per month. In comparison, the subscription required for Peloton Tread is $39 per month.

Ok, how does the screen stand again?


  • Simple treadmill
  • Huge screen
  • 1,000 on-demand classes
  • Analyzes your form and provides feedback


  • Expensive (presumably)
  • Requires subscription
  • Dip bar only supports up to 100 kg
  • The built-in camera may be a privacy issue
  • Cannot watch youtube on the screen


The Huami Amazfit Homestudio is expected to cost less than a Peloton Tread ($4,295) as Huami claims it would delight US customers. It's essentially a simple treadmill albeit a good one with a separate giant screen. Should you buy it? If your local gym membership is cheaper than the subscription for Amazfit Studio, probably just join the gym and save a few thousand dollars.

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