Harley Davidson’s Livewire S2 Del Mar: The Affordable Powerhouse of Electric Motorcycles

Powerful, Affordable, Adaptive Electric Motorcycle

If you're looking for a wild ride infused with innovative technology and electric power, look no further than the Harley Davidson S2 Del Mar. Conceived in partnership with LiveWire, the Del Mar pays homage to the Harley legacy while challenging the status quo with its eco-friendly, zero-emissions drivetrain.

The price, at $15,499, is significantly less than its predecessor. It's an exceptional value, considering this beast comes with a thumping 84 horsepower and 194 ft-lbs of torque. Yes, this beauty can pull you from 0 to 60 mph in a thrilling three seconds flat. With a top speed of 103 mph and a city driving range of 113 miles, this Harley lets you dominate the urban jungle, turning every ride into an adrenaline-pumping adventure.

Its false fuel tank maintains the classic motorcycle aesthetics while encasing its modern electric heart. A sight to behold, the X-shaped chassis subtly showcases Harley's engineering prowess. This is a bike that understands the importance of appearances, catering to the discerning eye of a true motorcycle enthusiast.

And then there's the Del Mar's sophisticated suspension system. The SHOWA® Fully Adjustable front fork and SHOWA® Free Piston Monoshock rear shock combine to offer unparalleled control, precision, and comfort. Meanwhile, the unique 19″ wheel and tire package asserts the bike's performance-oriented nature, promising a ride that's not just smooth, but downright exhilarating.

With over-the-air updates, Del Mar keeps you in the know and on the go. This is the first motorcycle from LiveWire to offer this feature, which includes software updates, mobile app pairing, event detection, and even horn and light control via an app. These additions are more than just bells and whistles – they're tools designed to enhance your ride and to keep your bike in peak condition.

The charging options are robust and flexible. Level Two Charging can take the battery from 20-80% in just 78 minutes, while Level One Charging, which uses the included charge cord, allows you to plug into any standard 110v wall outlet for a slower, but no less efficient, charge.

The bike's safety systems are nothing short of top-notch. Equipped with 6-Axis IMU and Bosch technology, ABS, C-ABS, DSCS, and C-TCS, you're sure to be in safe hands, whether you're cruising on a clear day or riding under a stormy sky.

One of my favorite features has to be the Dynamic Ride Modes. They offer a level of customization and control that caters to both your riding conditions and your mood. The SPORT, ROAD, RANGE, RAIN, and CUSTOM modes are brilliantly conceived, letting you tweak power, throttle, regen, traction, and ABS settings to fit your unique style.

This Harley's physical measurements make it a comfortable fit for a wide range of riders. With a length of 87 inches and a laden seat height of 30.9 inches, it's approachable yet commanding. And with a running weight of 436 lbs, it feels solid without being overwhelmingly heavy.

The Livewire S2 Del Mar is a masterclass in motorcycle engineering and design. It's a bike for the present, wrapped in a package that's reminiscent of the past. It's a thrill to ride, easy to handle, and kind to the environment, all while maintaining the rebellious spirit that's become synonymous with the Harley Davidson brand. The open road beckons – and the S2 Del Mar is the perfect companion.


  1. Affordable Electric Motorcycle: Priced at $15,499, it's significantly more affordable than many other electric motorcycles, making it an accessible option for those looking to make the switch to electric.
  2. Powerful Performance: With 84 horsepower and 194 ft-lbs of torque, this bike boasts considerable power. Its 0-60 mph in 3 seconds stat means it can hold its own against traditional gasoline bikes.
  3. Customizable Riding Modes: The Dynamic Ride Modes offer adaptable settings for power, throttle, and regeneration, allowing riders to fine-tune their ride according to weather conditions and personal preference.
  4. Over-The-Air Updates: This bike is future-proof, with over-the-air updates keeping it updated and optimized, a rare feature in motorcycles.
  5. Robust Safety Features: It's loaded with advanced safety systems like ABS, C-ABS, DSCS, and C-TCS, offering a safer ride.


  1. Limited Range: With a combined range of 62 miles and a highway driving range of just 43 miles, the range may not be enough for those looking for long-distance travel.
  2. Long Charging Time on Level One: While Level Two charging is fairly quick, Level One charging takes a significant amount of time – 20-80% in 6 hours and 0-100% in 8.4 hours.
  3. Requires Adaptation: Being an electric motorcycle, it will lack the traditional engine roar that many motorcycle enthusiasts love.
  4. Limited Aftermarket Support: As with many electric motorcycles, there's currently less aftermarket support and availability of spare parts compared to gasoline bikes.
  5. Potential Battery Degradation: The 5-year warranty covers up to 30% degradation of the high-voltage battery, but actual battery longevity may vary based on usage and charging habits.


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