Nimble Cargo Scooters – Carry Your Stuff and Scoot

Scooters are a lot of fun but no one uses them for shopping at the grocery store because they're useless when it comes to carrying any sort of cargo. You can't put your shopping bags on the handles because it'll mess up your balance and using one hand to carry stuff and the other to steer is out of the question. Meet the Nimble Cargo Scooter. With a big cargo box in the front of the scooter, it looks like a wheelbarrow-scooter hybrid but it seems like a fun way to go town to shop for some groceries. You can even carry small children. The cargo box is food grade, shatter resistant, waterproof, and fade resistant from exposure to the sun. The Nimble also handles well and has a lightweight aircraft grade aluminium frame with non-marking wheels.

Was $299 when it was available.

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