Goose Tent: Wingman of the Road’s Answer to Motorcycle Adventurers

Comfort, Robust Protection

You're barreling down the open road, with nothing but the hum of your motorcycle beneath you and the thrill of adventure ahead. It's a feeling only true wanderers understand – the exhilaration of the unknown. And just as you trust your bike to take you where you need to go, you'll need a reliable companion for those times when the road calls for a break. That's where the Wingman of the Road Goose Tent comes into play.

Imagine, at the end of a day’s journey, having an ultra-minimalistic, mobile dwelling waiting for you. It's not just any tent; it’s an all-in-one sanctuary. It’s as if someone took the essence of the open road and transformed it into a shelter.

Crafted from a robust 14.8oz ripstop canvas, the Goose Tent promises resilience against the wild elements, ensuring you and your gear remain dry and sheltered. What’s particularly captivating is its canopy design that extends out, elegantly wrapping itself around your motorcycle. This not only ensures your bike stays shielded from the unpredictable weather, but it also creates this intimate, covered space – a ‘porch' if you will – perfect for storing your riding gear or just to hang out.

Now, we've all had those nights of roughing it, trying to get comfortable on the hard ground, but the Goose eliminates that altogether. Inside, you're greeted with an integrated high-density foam mattress, paired seamlessly with a built-in sleeping bag. It's a match made in heaven for the road-weary traveler seeking a touch of comfort amidst the great outdoors.

And the practicalities don’t stop there. The exterior waterproof cover, rather than just being a means of storage, doubles as an extra tarp. You can spread it out, creating an extended floor for your ‘porch' area or just a spot to sit and enjoy the landscape.

As for the side canvas flap – it’s genius. The design allows you to have the option of closing the tent entirely while still having the awning attached to your motorcycle. It’s like having a room with a view, only your view is your trusty motorcycle.

For those who may worry about portability, fear not. When rolled up, it's compact at 63cm in length and 34cm in both width and height. Weighing in at just 10kg, it’s impressive how such a modest package can unfold into a 200cm long, 75cm wide, and 70cm high dwelling.

At $561, some might consider it a hefty tag, but think of it this way: it's a small price to pay for a companion that will stand by you through countless adventures, ensuring comfort, speed, and durability. It’s clear that the Goose is designed with passion, for those who live life on two wheels.

In the world of moto dwellings, the Wingman of the Road Goose Tent is a game changer. Whether you're a seasoned road warrior or just starting on your motorcycle journey, this tent promises to enhance the experience of being one with the road.


  1. Ultra-minimalistic Design: A mobile dwelling that combines everything you need for a comfortable night out: a mattress, sleeping bag, and tent.
  2. Robust Material: Made of hardwearing 14.8oz ripstop canvas, ensuring durability against various elements.
  3. Motorcycle Protection: The extended canopy covers the motorcycle, offering added protection to the bike and creating a unique ‘porch' space.
  4. Built-in Comfort: An integrated high-density foam mattress with a built-in sleeping bag ensures a comfortable sleep.
  5. Versatile Exterior Cover: Instead of just a carry bag, it provides an exterior waterproof cover that can be used as an extra tarp, offering additional utility.
  6. Security and View: The side canvas flap allows users to close the tent while still keeping the awning attached to the motorcycle, offering security with a view.
  7. Compact and Portable: Even with its comprehensive features, the tent is relatively lightweight at 10kg and can be compactly rolled up for easy transportation.


  1. Price: At $561, it may be considered expensive for some potential buyers.
  2. Size Limitations: With dimensions of 200cm in length, 75cm in width, and 70cm in height when set up, it might be a bit snug for taller individuals or those wanting more spacious interiors.
  3. Single Use: Designed specifically for motorcycle travelers, its unique design might not be as suitable for other types of camping or traveling without a motorcycle.
  4. Learning Curve: The integrated design might require some getting used to, especially for those familiar with more traditional tent setups.


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