Natural Motorhomes’ ID. Buzz Kit: Experience Rustic Elegance on Wheels

Eco-friendly wooden camper conversion kit

Traveling on the open road, there's an undeniable romance to it. The feel of the highway beneath you, the changing landscapes, and the possibility of discovery around every bend. In recent times, road travel has undergone a green evolution with the rise of electric vehicles. And one such innovation catching the eye and heart is Volkswagen's ID. Buzz, especially with the unique touch of Gerd Niederlechner, the self-described “wood worm” and chief of Bavarian camper kit builder, Natural Motorhomes.

Volkswagen's Transporter T6.1 cargo van will soon pass its baton to a Ford-engineered sibling. But that's not the highlight here. The spotlight has shifted to the all-electric ID. Buzz. This is not just any electric mini-bus; it's the canvas on which Niederlechner has chosen to paint his love for wood. Picture this: a camper built using real wood, where oak, wild oak, maple, beech, or spruce embraces you, offering a rustic warmth like no other. It's like camping in the heart of nature without having to forego the luxuries of a well-furnished vehicle.

The recent Düsseldorf Caravan Salon, an event known for its surprises and innovations in the camper world, oddly lacked the expected deluge of Volkswagen ID. Buzz camper vans. One might've thought that these electric mini-camper buses would have taken center stage, but there was a discernible absence. But this void was filled when Natural Motorhomes revealed their plans for the ID. Buzz. Mirroring their work on other compact vans, like the Citroën Berlingo XL/Opel Combo and Volkswagen Caddy, the plans for the Buzz radiated warmth, functionality, and nature-inspired aesthetics.

Once you step inside this unique camper van, you're surrounded by choices of linoleum or white oiled oak flooring. Even the cushions that will cradle you come in various upholstery options. But it's not just about beauty; it's about functionality too. The driver-side cabinet, for instance, is a masterstroke of multipurpose design, effortlessly transitioning from a kitchen counter to a dining table or even a workstation. And with the omission of a built-in stove, the freedom to cook inside or under the vast expanse of the night sky is left entirely up to the traveler.

Sleeping arrangements, though, come with a slight quirk. The 75 x 49-in bed seems a tad narrow, demanding occupants to possibly get a tad cozier or sleep slightly diagonally. But isn't that what adventure is all about? Unexpected twists that lead to delightful memories.

Yet, it's the details that truly enamor. Little touches like under-bench storage sized perfectly for a portable toilet, or the 12-V gooseneck LED reading lights and USB charging ports that ensure your journey is as comfortable as it is thrilling. Plus, the entire kit is light, barely tipping the scales at 187 lb, ensuring the ID. Buzz's impressive 263-mile range remains largely unaffected.

For those seeking the allure of the road, this Natural Motorhomes' ID. Buzz kit, priced at about €4,290, is not just another camper conversion. It's an invitation. An invitation to embrace the road, nature, and the future of green travel. And the best part? This entire wooden wonder can be set up or dismantled in roughly five minutes. The road beckons, and this might just be the perfect companion.


  1. Eco-Friendly: Being designed for the all-electric ID. Buzz, this kit promotes green travel, reducing carbon footprints.
  2. Real Wood Construction: The use of oak, wild oak, maple, beech, or spruce offers a unique, warm, and rustic feel, enhancing the overall camping experience.
  3. Versatility: The modular kit can be installed in minutes, making it adaptable for various travel needs.
  4. Space Optimization: The driver-side cabinet is multipurpose, functioning as storage, a kitchen, a dining area, and a workstation.
  5. Outdoor Experience: The absence of a built-in stove promotes outdoor cooking, adding an authentic camping touch.
  6. Storage Solutions: The under-bench storage is sized to hold essentials like a portable toilet, adding to the kit's functionality.
  7. Easy Installation: The entire kit can be installed or removed in roughly five minutes with a single tool, offering flexibility.
  8. Lightweight: Weighing in at only 187 lb, it doesn't significantly impact the vehicle's range.
  9. Cost-Effective: Priced at approximately €4,290, it offers an affordable solution for those seeking a camper conversion.


  1. Limited Sleeping Space: The 75 x 49-in bed is somewhat narrow, potentially making sleeping arrangements cramped for two people.
  2. No Built-In Stove: While this promotes outdoor cooking, it might be inconvenient for some who prefer an integrated kitchen setup.
  3. Sparse Presence at Shows: The lack of the product at major events like the Düsseldorf Caravan Salon could indicate limited market visibility or acceptance.
  4. Specialized Design: The wooden aesthetic might not appeal to everyone, particularly those seeking a more modern or minimalist look.
  5. Dependency on Vehicle: The kit is tailored for the Volkswagen ID. Buzz, which means it might not be adaptable to other vehicles.


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