Gogoro CrossOver Scooter – Conquer Any Terrain with the Ultimate Electric SUV

Robust, Smart, Versatile, All-Terrain, Customizable

Imagine setting off on a journey where the road's limits are just a starting point, not an end. There's a new companion in town that's turning heads with its rugged charm and versatile nature. Think of it as more than just a mode of transport; it's a statement of freedom and adaptability.

In the world of two-wheelers, there's something that stands out – the Gogoro CrossOver SmartScooter. Dubbed the “two-wheel SUV,” this electric scooter is a blend of strength and smarts, designed to take on diverse terrains with ease. Its high ground clearance of 14.2 cm speaks volumes about its all-terrain capabilities. You can feel the power under your feet, thanks to its 7.6-kW liquid-cooled motor, delivering a whopping 196 Nm of torque. And the sleek Flo Drive carbon belt, replacing the traditional chain, ensures a smooth and low-maintenance ride.

But it's not just about brute strength. The CrossOver is a marvel of modern technology. With Bluetooth controls, app connectivity, and LTE remote networking, it's like having a smart assistant on the go. And the safety? It's top-notch, with a Synchronized Braking System that offers stability and reduces braking distance, crucial for those unexpected moments on the road.

What truly sets this scooter apart is its customization potential. It's like a canvas waiting for your personal touch. Multiple cargo locations, expandable mounting points, and a range of accessories mean you can tailor it to your lifestyle, whether it's for daily commuting or adventurous escapades. And with a battery range of up to 150 km at a moderate speed, range anxiety becomes a thing of the past.

Let's talk about comfort and versatility. The X-SEAT is a game-changer – a convertible seat that can comfortably accommodate two or flip to make room for cargo. The extended rear and expanded legroom ensure that your journey is comfortable, no matter the load or distance.

And then there's the X-BEAM, a tactical LED headlight that's about more than just illumination. Its platformed design adds another layer of versatility to this already multifaceted ride. The X-Mount expansion system with 26 attachment points is like having a Swiss Army knife at your disposal – adaptable, practical, and ready for anything.

Don't let its rugged exterior fool you; the CrossOver is also about smart, intuitive riding. Traction control, synchronized braking, and optional cruise control make it a dream to ride. And with the CrossOver, you're not just riding; you're making a statement with its dual-tone colorways and over a hundred color combinations to match your style.

In essence, the Gogoro CrossOver is not just a scooter; it's a tool for life's adventures, a partner in your daily journeys, and a testament to the blend of power, technology, and style. It's about moving beyond the conventional, embracing the extraordinary, and living life without boundaries.


  1. High Torque Motor: With a 7.6-kW liquid-cooled motor delivering 196 Nm of torque, it offers powerful and responsive acceleration.
  2. Smart Features: Equipped with Bluetooth controls, app connectivity, and LTE remote networking for a high-tech riding experience.
  3. Safety Systems: Features a Synchronized Braking System for improved stability and shorter braking distances.
  4. Customizability: Highly customizable with multiple cargo-carrying locations, expandable mounting points, and a variety of accessories.
  5. Swappable Batteries: Offers the convenience of swappable batteries with an extensive network of stations, supporting up to 150 km of range.
  6. All-Terrain Capabilities: The high ground clearance and robust chassis make it suitable for various terrains, enhancing its versatility.
  7. Dual-Tone Color Options: Provides personalization options with over a hundred color combinations.


  1. Limited Speed: Optimized for a speed of 30 km/h, which may not be suitable for those seeking higher speeds.
  2. Maintenance: While the Flo Drive carbon belt is low-maintenance, any specialized parts or systems could potentially pose maintenance challenges.
  3. Weight and Size: As an all-terrain vehicle, it might be heavier and bulkier than standard scooters, which could affect handling.
  4. Cost: With its advanced features and customization options, it may be priced higher than simpler electric scooters on the market.
  5. Battery Range: The 150 km range is at a constant speed of 30 km/h; real-world conditions may significantly reduce this range.
  6. Charging Infrastructure Dependency: While battery swapping is convenient, it relies on the availability of Gogoro’s network stations, which may not be widespread in all areas.
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