Lander Rodeo Skateboard: Ride the Wave on Land

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Imagine gliding through the urban landscape, your feet planted firmly on a deck that's as conscious of the planet as it is adept at cutting tight corners. You're riding the Lander Rodeo, a cruiser that's not just a board but a statement. Crafted from 100 percent recycled ocean fishing nets, it's a ride that speaks to both sustainability and performance.

The Lander Rodeo is a marvel of design, boasting a deck that's durable, rigid, and waterproof thanks to its unique blend of recycled nylon and glass fiber reinforcement. It's a board that defies the typical wear and tear of street and park sessions, promising a long-lasting companion for your urban adventures.

With a 30-inch length and an 8-inch width, this full-size cruiser commands presence. The proprietary hole pattern isn't just for show; it provides a diagonal flex that allows for dynamic carving, reminiscent of snowboarding or surfing. This ride mimics the heel-toe movement that thrill-seekers crave, and its concave surface offers the familiar feel of a traditional maple deck.

The integrated grip system on the Lander Rodeo ensures that wherever your feet land, they stay put. It's a seamless design that removes the need for additional grip applications, maintaining the sleek aesthetic and functionality.

Underneath, the Paris Street Trucks and high-quality bearings contribute to a structure that's both solid and swift, ensuring that every push translates to speed. The smooth ride is courtesy of the recycled nylon blend, which absorbs the chatter of the road, making for a ride that's not just fast but also quiet and smooth, even on the more challenging terrains.

Priced at $144.95, the Lander Rodeo is more than just a skateboard; it's an investment in a lifestyle that values the planet as much as it does the thrill of the ride. It's a piece of art for the eco-conscious rider who wants to make a statement without saying a word. So, take to the streets, and let your actions speak volumes as you carve, cruise, and cut through the concrete waves with the Lander Rodeo.


  1. Sustainable Materials: Constructed from 100% recycled nylon sourced from abandoned ocean fishing nets, promoting environmental responsibility.
  2. Durability: The blend of recycled nylon with glass fiber reinforcement ensures the deck is durable and waterproof.
  3. Performance: The unique hole pattern and concave surface allow for a high-performance ride with torsional flex, ideal for carving.
  4. Comfort: Absorbs road vibrations, which reduces foot fatigue during longer rides or on rough surfaces.
  5. Maintenance: Integrated grip system eliminates the need for additional grip tape applications, reducing upkeep.
  6. Quality Components: Equipped with Paris Truck Co. street trucks and high-quality bearings for a stable and fast ride.


  1. Price Point: At $144.95, it may be considered expensive for some buyers, especially those new to skateboarding.
  2. Weight: Weighing 5.65 lbs, it may be heavier than some traditional wooden decks, which could affect portability.
  3. Limited Flexibility: The rigidity offered by the glass fiber reinforcement might not appeal to riders who prefer a more flexible deck.
  4. Noise Level: While it's advertised as quiet, the actual noise level may vary depending on the surface ridden on.
  5. Specialized Design: The unique hole pattern and riding style may have a learning curve for those accustomed to traditional skateboards.


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