The Office Chair Strength Trainer

Office chair doubling as gym

Well, my fellow inhabitants of the concrete jungle, the gods of ergonomic wellness have bestowed upon us yet another delight, a subtle instrument of rebellion against the monotony of the modern sedentary lifestyle. Ladies and gents, I present to you, the Office Chair Strength Trainer. No, this is not a contraption from an Orwellian future; it's a modern solution to an age-old problem, cleverly concealed as an office chair.

For a modest sum of $49.95, this paragon of practicality lets you grind and hustle without ever having to leave your throne. It's a bit like bringing the gym to your desk, but without the sweat and the grunting.

Secured to your backrest with dual Velcro straps, this strength trainer offers resistance through elastic bands and a pulley system, providing a decent workout as you're slogging through your daily grind. From bicep curls to shoulder presses, and even bench presses, you've got over 20 possible exercises at your fingertips (or should I say, under your buttocks?).

With three sets of elastic bands that offer varying resistance levels, you can control the intensity of your training. It's not just about becoming a Hercules at your desk, but it's also about relieving the muscle tension that comes from hours of sitting still, making the workday slightly more bearable.

Constructed from sturdy polyamide and aluminum, this gizmo will withstand the rigors of daily use. It even comes with a handy booklet demonstrating the exercises, so there's no need to play the guessing game.

Oh, but alas, it appears this hot commodity has sold out. The good folks at Hammacher Schlemmer, however, assure us that their merchandise is guaranteed for life. So, whether you're seeking a replacement or a refund, they've got you covered.

In my book, this Office Chair Strength Trainer is a nifty piece of gear, a silent companion that allows you to move, flex and stretch while trudging through your nine-to-five. It's like a secret handshake between you and your body, a pact of wellness in the midst of deadlines and spreadsheets. A choice that goes beyond just choosing a product; it's about choosing a healthier way to live, even within the constraints of your office cubicle.


  1. Ergonomic Design: The strength trainer is designed to be easily integrated with most office chairs, allowing for a seamless and convenient workout experience at your desk.
  2. Range of Exercises: With over 20 possible exercises including bicep curls, shoulder presses, and bench presses, it provides a comprehensive strength training regimen, covering a range of muscle groups.
  3. Adjustable Resistance Levels: The inclusion of three sets of elastic bands offering four, eight, and 12 pounds of resistance enables you to tailor your workout to your fitness level and gradually increase the intensity over time.
  4. Tension Relief: The strength trainer not only helps build and tone muscles but also relieves muscle tension that builds up from prolonged periods of sitting. This feature could potentially improve overall comfort and productivity during work hours.
  5. Durable Materials: Made from polyamide and aluminum, the strength trainer promises durability and longevity, even with regular use.


  1. Assembly Required: Some people might find the assembly process inconvenient or challenging, especially if they're not particularly handy or if the assembly instructions aren't clear.
  2. Limitations of Chair Type: The strength trainer can only accommodate backrests that are between 11 3/4″ to 19 2/3″ high, which could limit its compatibility with some office chairs.
  3. Potential Distraction: Using the strength trainer while working could potentially distract from tasks that require focus and concentration. For some, it might be challenging to balance work and exercise simultaneously.
  4. Limited Resistance: The maximum resistance offered is 12 pounds, which might not be sufficient for individuals who are used to heavier weightlifting or more intense workouts.
  5. Availability: As the product is currently sold out, potential buyers will have to wait for restocking or find a suitable alternative. This could be frustrating for those who are keen to start using the product immediately.


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