G&G Hawk Custom Deadlock Model C: John Wick’s Knife of Precision and Panache

Engineering brilliance meets lethal elegance

Every once in a while, an object comes along that restores your faith in the brilliance of human craftsmanship. Today, that object is none other than the Deadlock Model C from Hawk Knife Designs, also known as the famed “John Wick's Knife.”

A design by the formidable duo, Grant and Gavin Hawk of Idaho City, this weapon is so much more than a tool. It's a statement of power, precision, and an uncanny sense of style. The silhouette is a lean, mean, 8.50″ of stonewashed CPM 20CV steel, a dagger blade that screams danger with a quiet, refined elegance. Its 3.50″ length and 0.63″ width balance ferocity with functionality, every millimeter a testament to meticulous engineering.

A black anodized aluminum handle envelops the blade, its design made distinctive by a carbon fiber inlay and titanium accents that catch the light just right. Its measurements – a 5.00″ length, 1.125″ width, and 0.50″ thickness – make it a treat for the hand. Comfortable and secure, it's as much a pleasure to hold as it is to behold.

But the Deadlock Model C doesn’t merely rest on its good looks. The hinged pocket clip enables a tip-down carry, while the knife itself is accommodating to both right and left-handed users. Not to mention, its thoughtful weight of 4.60 oz ensures it's substantial without being burdensome. This knife knows its purpose and meets it head-on with aplomb.

The knife's stand-out feature, however, is the thumb slide. A masterstroke of functionality and convenience, it facilitates effortless deployment and retraction of the blade. It's smooth enough to glide into your pocket but just grippy enough to respond to your thumb's call to action. Indeed, it's a small detail that plays a big role in the knife's overall appeal.

It's worth noting that this is an Out-The-Front (OTF) automatic knife, and it's not often you'll come across an OTF auto with zero blade play. That alone elevates the Deadlock Model C from a mere tool to a paragon of mechanical perfection.

Known fondly as “John Wick's Knife,” the Deadlock Model C carries with it an aura of enigmatic charm. It's a piece worthy of collectors and thrill-seekers alike, an emblem of style and substance rolled into one sleek, pocket-friendly package.

Whether you're scaling a mountainside, traversing an urban jungle, or simply appreciating fine craftsmanship, this knife is a testament to the perfect harmony of form and function. So, here's to the Deadlock Model C from G&G Hawk Knife Designs – an exemplary symbol of human ingenuity at its finest.

Pros of the G&G Hawk Custom Deadlock Model C:

  1. Exceptional Build Quality: Made from premium materials such as CPM 20CV for the blade and anodized aluminum with a carbon fiber inlay for the handle, this knife is designed to last, promising impressive resistance to corrosion and wear.
  2. Unique Design: The combination of the stonewashed double-edged dagger blade, black anodized aluminum handle, and carbon fiber inlay offers a visually appealing and distinctive aesthetic.
  3. Functional Innovations: Features such as the thumb slide for effortless blade deployment and retraction, and a hinged pocket clip for tip-down carry, provide practical benefits for users.
  4. Zero Blade Play: As an OTF auto knife, its distinctive feature of having no blade play makes it a rarity in the market and a feat of impressive engineering.
  5. Ambidextrous Use: The knife caters to both right and left-handed users, enhancing its usability.
  6. Compact and Portable: With an overall length of 8.50″ and a weight of 4.60 oz, it is a comfortable carry and suitable for daily use.

Cons of the G&G Hawk Custom Deadlock Model C:

  1. High Price Point: Retailing at $1,150, this knife is definitely an investment. It is significantly more expensive than many other knives on the market.
  2. Limited Availability: Given its custom design and the craftsmanship involved, this knife may not be readily available, potentially causing frustration for interested buyers.
  3. Maintenance Requirements: The knife's intricate design and premium materials may require more careful maintenance to preserve its aesthetics and function compared to simpler knife designs.
  4. Possibly Over-Engineered for Everyday Use: Some may argue that the features and design of this knife go beyond the needs of typical daily tasks, making it somewhat of an overkill unless specifically used for collection or unique purposes.
  5. Regulations and Legal Restrictions: OTF automatic knives are not legal in all areas, which may limit who can purchase or carry this knife.
  6. Not Specifically Tailored for Heavy-Duty Use: Although made with high-quality materials, as a collector’s item and a pocket knife, it may not be the best fit for heavy-duty or survival applications compared to dedicated survival knives.

$1,150 (Non-John Wick Edition)

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