Gatorade’s smart water bottle uses a sweat tracker to help you hydrate better

The Smart Gx Bottle

This is a squeeze bottle that's integrated with technology engineered to assist users set and keep track of their everyday hydration objectives.

The bottle cap features a sensor that computes the amount of liquid in the bottle when you leave it on an even surface. To achieve this, the sensor gauges the gap between it and the top of the water, then deducts that from the total capacity of the bottle. This measurement will be the amount of liquid drunk within a given period.

The Sweat Patch

You stick the sweat patch on your forearm it measures sweat output during a workout.

When the patch is scanned with the Gx app, it can tell you the total amount of fluid loss during a workout session, the rate in which you sweat, and the amount of sodium lost through sweat.

These three metrics are used to calculate your hydration and electrolyte needs. The Gx app records your sweat data as a sweat profile so you don't have to wear another patch again in similar workout conditions.

The Smart Gx Bottle Kit comes with 2 sweat patches and each patch is only for single use.

Additional sweat patches can be purchased separately for $24.99 (for 2 patches).

The Gx App

To easily keep track of your hydration goals, you can sync your Gx Bottle with their App. It will help you keep track of your water intake. Also, the cap lights on the bottle come in handy in showing progress without having to look at the app.

Further, the Smart Gx Bottle is completely integrated into this App, a personalized training and nutrition portfolio that aids users attain their performance objectives.

Unfortunately the app is only available on iOS at the time of writing.

The Gx Pods

Another thing that comes with the Smart Gx Bottle Kit is a flavor of choice of a 4-pack Gx Pod. There's quite a few to choose from including Gatorade Zero Glacier Freeze, Zero Grape, Thirst Quncher Kiwi Strawberry , and more.

To use the pod, you fill the Gatorade water bottle with water and then put the pod upside down on the open water bottle and push down to release the liquid inside into the bottle.

The liquid contains 150 mg sodium and 50 mg potassium to fulfil your electrolyte needs.

Each 4-pack cost $21.


  • Takes into account the amount of electrolytes lost
  • Indicator on the bottle cap gives you an idea of your hydration progress without looking at the app


  • Sweat patch and pods are quite expensive by themselves
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