The Fin 360º aerodynamic camera for bike helmets

Record everything while you ride

Looking for a more immersive way to record your outdoor adventures? Meet The Fin 360º camera for helmets by Camross360.

This innovative little camera can capture your journey in full 360-degree “spherical” 3K video, letting you and your viewers experience your rides, climbs, and descents like never before.

And thanks to its unique design, The FIN is compatible with all kinds of helmets, so you can attach it to yours and hit the trail without worry.

The Fin is an innovative new bike helmet designed to reduce wind resistance while you're riding.

With dual Sony CMOS sensors on each side, it can record 360-degree videos and capture what's happening around your ride!

The fin-shaped camera is impressive not only for its ability to withstand high speeds but also because of how easily it can be mounted and removed. Now you can relive your adventures again and again in stunning 360-degree detail!


  • Almost no blind spot
  • Aerodynamic
  • Can withstand heat of sun exposure


  • 3k resolution is quite low for a 360 camera
  • Micro SD limited to 128GB
  • Kickstarter project (rewards are not guaranteed)
  • Not versatile (helmet use only)

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