Garmin Pro Plus Heart Rate Monitor: Unleash Your Fitness Potential

Advanced, Precise, Versatile, Durable, Comprehensive

Traveling the world, I've seen firsthand the importance of keeping track of one's health and fitness, especially for those constantly on the move or engaged in various physical activities. That's where the Garmin Pro Plus Heart Rate Monitor comes into play, a device designed for the adventurous and the athletic.

This premium heart rate strap stands out with its ability to transmit accurate, real-time heart rate data. What's fascinating is its use of dual transmission technology, employing both ANT plus technology and BLUETOOTH Low Energy. This ensures seamless connectivity to Garmin devices, compatible fitness equipment, and a range of apps, including the Tacx Training app. Its versatility doesn't end there; it's also compatible with Garmin smartwatches, though these are sold separately.

But it's not just about heart rate tracking. The HRM-Pro™ Plus goes a step further by capturing key running dynamics. This includes metrics like vertical oscillation, ground contact time, and stride length. For runners, this data is invaluable for improving form and optimizing performance. It's particularly useful for those training for events like triathlons, where every bit of efficiency counts. Plus, it computes pace and distance for indoor track workouts, a feature that's crucial for maintaining training consistency, regardless of location or weather.

One of the more impressive features is its ability to store heart rate data during activities where the watch might be out of range, like swimming. Once you're back in range, it automatically syncs the data to your watch. This seamless integration is a game-changer, particularly for triathletes or swimmers. It's also rated to 5 ATM, indicating robust water resistance, further underscoring its utility in various training scenarios.

For everyday fitness tracking, it covers all bases – from steps to calories, intensity minutes, and all-day heart rate. These are all synced to Garmin devices via the Garmin Connect app, keeping a comprehensive record of your physical activity. This continuous monitoring is essential for anyone serious about their fitness journey or preparing for competitive events.

The HRM-Pro™ Plus is designed with user comfort and convenience in mind. The heart rate monitoring module is small and lightweight, making it comfortable for prolonged wear. Plus, the tool-free quarter-turn battery door enhances its durability and makes battery replacement hassle-free. Speaking of battery, it boasts a year-long life assuming an hour of training per day, which is quite impressive.

In terms of price, starting at around $97, it's a significant investment. However, for those dedicated to tracking and improving their fitness – whether it's running, cycling, swimming, or a combination in triathlon training – it's a worthy investment. Its versatility for both indoor and outdoor training, combined with its robust connectivity options, make it a comprehensive tool for fitness tracking.

In summary, the Garmin Pro Plus Heart Rate Monitor is more than just a fitness gadget. It's a comprehensive tool for athletes and fitness enthusiasts who are serious about tracking and improving their performance. Its blend of accuracy, versatility, and durability makes it a top choice for those who refuse to compromise on their training and health monitoring.


  1. Dual Transmission: Utilizes both ANT+ and Bluetooth technology for connectivity, ensuring wide compatibility with devices and apps.
  2. Comprehensive Running Dynamics: Measures metrics like vertical oscillation, ground contact time, and stride length, which are valuable for runners looking to improve their form.
  3. Indoor Tracking: Capable of computing pace and distance for treadmill and indoor track workouts, aiding those who train in various environments.
  4. Swim-ready: Stores heart rate data during swims and other out-of-range activities, then syncs back to the watch, making it ideal for triathletes.
  5. Activity Tracking: Includes tracking of steps, calories, intensity minutes, and all-day heart rate, offering a holistic view of daily activity levels.
  6. Comfort and Design: The module is small and lightweight, and the strap is designed to be comfortable for long-duration wear.
  7. Battery Life: Offers up to one year of battery life with regular use, reducing the frequency of battery replacements.
  8. Ease of Use: Features a tool-free quarter-turn battery door, which simplifies battery changes and adds to the durability of the device.


  1. Price: Starting at around $97, it may be considered expensive for those on a budget or for casual fitness enthusiasts.
  2. Dependent on Compatible Devices: While it offers wide connectivity, full functionality is only unlocked with compatible Garmin devices, which are sold separately.
  3. Complex Metrics: The detailed running dynamics and metrics may be overwhelming or unnecessary for novice runners or those with basic fitness goals.
  4. Wearability: Despite being lightweight, wearing a chest strap may not be comfortable or preferred by all users compared to wrist-based heart rate monitors.
  5. Maintenance: As with any device with a battery door, there's the potential for wear and tear over time, which might affect the waterproofing and durability.
  6. Data Overload: For some users, the extensive amount of data and metrics tracked can be more confusing than helpful, potentially complicating the training process.

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