BioLite SiteLight String: Illuminate Your Campsite with Ease

Compact, bright, portable, simple, outdoor

Imagine you're out in the wild, the stars above you, the fire crackling nearby, and you're setting up your campsite. In these moments, the right kind of lighting can make all the difference. That's where the BioLite SiteLight String comes into play. Priced at $19.95, these lights are like a constellation that you can bring down to earth, creating a cozy, ambient atmosphere around your campsite or inside your tent.

Let's talk about the setup. The SiteLight String features a 10-foot cord, adorned with four lights, providing a total illumination power of 150 lumens. It's bright enough to light up small spaces effectively. The interesting part is, these lights are daisy-chainable. So, if you're feeling creative or need more coverage, you can connect multiple strands together, creating a web of lights to brighten larger areas.

Powering these lights is quite versatile. They come with a USB dongle, allowing you to connect them to any USB charger. If you're already a fan of BioLite products, like the AlpenGlow 500 Lantern, these lights integrate seamlessly into the ecosystem, running off its rechargeable battery. But remember, the dongle is small and removable, so keep an eye on it to avoid losing it.

Portability is key with the SiteLight String. They're lightweight at just 2.5 oz, and though they require an external battery source, they're still manageable for backpacking. Their real sweet spot, however, is car camping, where packing a battery pack isn't much of an issue. And when it's time to pack up, the lights are designed to be easily stowed away. You can wrap the cord around a slot in each light and stack them on top of one another, although this can be a bit tedious.

In terms of functionality, these lights keep it simple: they're either on or off. There's no dimming feature or color options, just a straightforward white light. This simplicity can be a double-edged sword. For campers who prefer ease of use and quick setup, these lights are ideal. But if you're looking to set a specific mood or need variable lighting options, they might fall short.

The SiteLight String, with its water resistance capable of withstanding light rain, and cord stabilizing clips for easy attachment, is a practical choice for single campers or small groups. They might not be the best for illuminating large spaces, but their compact design and ease of use make them a worthy companion for those nights under the stars.


  1. Affordable: At $19.95, the BioLite SiteLight String is reasonably priced for most campers.
  2. Brightness: Each string provides 150 lumens of light, enough to illuminate small spaces.
  3. Daisy-Chainable: You can connect multiple strings to cover larger areas.
  4. Versatile Power Options: Can be powered by any USB power source or BioLite Lanterns.
  5. Portable: Lightweight at 2.5 oz and designed for easy packing and carrying.
  6. Easy to Store: The cord can be wrapped around each light for compact storage.
  7. Simple to Use: With only on/off settings, they are user-friendly.
  8. Water Resistance: Can resist light rain, making them suitable for outdoor use.
  9. Integrated Design: Works well within the BioLite ecosystem, especially with the AlpenGlow 500 Lantern.


  1. Limited Burn Time: Dependent on the external battery source, which can be a limitation for longer trips.
  2. No Water Resistance Rating: Though resistant to light rain, there's no official water resistance rating.
  3. Light Distribution: The last four feet of the 10-foot cable are without lights, which might affect the distribution of light.
  4. Limited Lighting Area: Not ideal for lighting up large campsites on their own.
  5. External Battery Required: Necessitates carrying an additional power source.
  6. Small, Removable Dongle: The dongle is easy to misplace due to its size.
  7. Tedious Storage Process: Wrapping the cord for storage can be cumbersome.
  8. No Dimming or Color Options: Lack of features to adjust brightness or change color can be a drawback for some users.
  9. Limited Versatility: While compact, they're not the most versatile in terms of lighting capabilities.


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