Garmin inReach Messenger: Global Communication Beyond Cell Coverage

Robust Satellite Communicator for Adventurers

Picture this: you're on a mountaintop or maybe deep in a dense forest, far away from the hustle and bustle of the city, your cell phone has no signal but, you're still in touch with the world. It's not magic – it's the Garmin inReach Messenger.

Built for the adventurers and wanderers among us, this rugged little gadget, not much bigger than a deck of cards at 3.1 x 2.5 inches and featherlight at just 4 ounces, carries a heavyweight punch. It's your lifeline, your beacon, your way to say ‘I'm okay' or ‘I need help' to those who wait anxiously for news of your travels back home.

In the wild, two things matter more than anything else – communication and endurance. And this device ticks both boxes. Powered by an internal rechargeable lithium battery, it boasts up to 28 days of battery life in 10-minute tracking mode. It's a testament to endurance, allowing you to immerse yourself in your adventures, worry-free, for weeks on end.

The Garmin inReach is as resilient as you. It's impact-resistant and IPX7 water-rated, designed to take whatever nature throws at it, much like a seasoned explorer. And it's not just a message in a bottle thrown out to sea, hoping for the best. This ingenious tool lets you enjoy the reassurance of two-way messaging, even in areas where cell coverage is a foreign concept.

But the inReach doesn’t just communicate, it integrates. When you pair it with your smartphone and the Garmin Messenger app, you can not only keep your loved ones informed, but also organize group chats, as if you were sitting around a digital campfire. And if you ever get into a sticky situation, you've got the power to trigger an interactive SOS to Garmin's 24/7-staffed emergency coordination center.

One of my personal favorite features is the TracBack routing. If you're one of those souls who loves to venture off the beaten path, the TracBack feature will navigate you right back to your starting point, your own digital breadcrumb trail.

The inReach offers flexibility with its satellite airtime plans, allowing you to choose from an annual package or a month-to-month plan. It's also compatible with a plethora of Garmin devices, from handhelds and marine equipment to aviation gear and wearables.

Bear in mind, this tech marvel requires a subscription plan to function, a small price to pay for peace of mind in the most remote corners of the world.

I have a saying: travel is about the gorgeous feeling of teetering in the unknown. With the Garmin inReach Messenger, you can teeter as far as you want, knowing that home is just a message away. I wholeheartedly recommend this device for the thrill-seekers, the explorers, and the adventurers among us. It's not just a gadget, it's your link to the world beyond the wilderness. It's the tool that lets you say, “I'm here, and I'm okay” no matter where ‘here' might be.


  1. Global Two-Way Messaging: In areas without cell coverage, this device still allows you to send and receive messages, maintaining your connection with the world.
  2. Long Battery Life: The internal rechargeable lithium-ion battery can last up to 28 days in 10-minute tracking mode, which can be invaluable during extended adventures.
  3. Rugged and Waterproof: Designed to endure, it's durable, impact-resistant and water-rated to IPX7, perfect for outdoor enthusiasts.
  4. Emergency Preparedness: The ability to send an interactive SOS to a 24/7 staffed coordination center provides peace of mind, especially when exploring remote or dangerous areas.
  5. Group Messaging and Integration: Pair it with the Garmin Messenger app on your smartphone for group messaging, or even use it with other Garmin devices for enhanced functionality.
  6. TracBack Routing: A safety feature that allows you to navigate back to your starting point, crucial if you get lost or disoriented.
  7. Location Sharing: It enables you to share your GPS location, keeping friends and family informed about your whereabouts.


  1. Subscription Required: To send and receive satellite messages, you need to subscribe to a plan, which could be an additional cost to consider.
  2. Lack of Preloaded Maps: The absence of preloaded maps might be a disadvantage to some users who want integrated navigation.
  3. No Altimeter: Without an altimeter, it lacks the capability to measure altitude, which could be a negative for mountaineers or climbers.
  4. Limited Waypoints: It doesn't support waypoints, which could limit its utility for some users who rely on marking specific geographic locations.
  5. Limited Display Size: The display size is 1.1 inches, which might be small for some users to comfortably navigate or read messages.
  6. Learning Curve: As with any high-tech gadget, there might be a learning curve to fully utilize all its features.

Overall, while the Garmin inReach Messenger has its limitations, the pros largely outweigh the cons, particularly for individuals who venture out in remote or harsh environments.


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