Harley-Davidson Electric Balance Bike for Kids

Appealing to the younger generation

Harley-Davidson's core customers are baby boomers (born between 1946 and 1964, ok boomer), who contribute much of its success. But today, Harley is seeing a multi-year decline in sales as boomers age out. It's so bad at Harley that CEO Matt Levatich was asked during a conference call if the company would consider selling itself. 

In an effort to save itself, it seems, Harley is trying to appeal to the climate-conscious younger generation with products like electric motorcycles and even e-bikes. They're even reaching out to 3-7-year-olds with the IRONe electric balance bikes, perhaps so that boomer grandparents would buy them for their grandkids and share their passion for Harley-Davidson.


Using a balance bike is the easiest way to teach kids how to ride. It's safer than traditional bikes and kids can start using them as soon as they can walk well enough. It's so safe kids are racing them at the X-Games.

According to Harley-Davidson, the IRONe is the “first electric-powered balance bikes for kids with parents who want to share their love for riding”.

But it is not the first electric-powered balance bike; Stacyc electric balance bikes by Stability Cycles have been around since at least 2017. And if you read between the lines, it's clearly targeted towards parents who want to share their love of riding with their offspring. It's still for kids to play but it's more for parents to share their passion, at least where the marketing efforts are concerned. In the end, it's for the future of Harley-Davidson. Is that why they called it IRONe (as in irony)?

Two models

Harley-Davidson's IRONe electric balance bike comes in two models: IRONe12 (for 3-5-year-olds) and IRONe16 (for 5-7-year-olds). Both come with removable lithium-ion battery that can power the bike up to 30-60 minutes depending on factors like rider weight, terrain, and speed. However, because it has a removable battery, the range can be extended indefinitely as long as you have extra batteries. There's also a quick charger that gives the battery a full charge in 30-60 minutes.

Both models support riders under 75 lbs and have a lightweight aluminum frame with the IRONe12 weighing in at 17 lbs and the IRONe16 weighing in at 19 lbs.

The IRONe12 has an adjustable seat height up to 13″, 12″ composite wheels with pneumatic tires, and has 3 power settings that go from 5-9 mph.

The IRONe16 has an adjustable seat height up to 17″, 16″ composite wheels with pneumatic tires, and 3 power settings that go from 9-11 mph.


  • Allows you to share you passion for Harley with your kids
  • Keeps the kids off the couch
  • Good speed for kids
  • Great way to learn how to ride


  • Expensive
  • Gets outgrown in 2-3 years


You can share you passion for Harley-Davidson with your kids by buying them Harley-Davidson Lego Sets or other toys but it's not the same as having one the kids can ride. It's a lot more expensive than a kid's favorite toy in this era, the Nintendo Switch, but at least it'll get them off the couch so you might be saving on medical bills without even knowing it.

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