Forbidden Druid – A High-End Trail Bike with Uncompromised Pedaling Efficiency

Versatile, High-Performance, Quality Trail Bike

In the vast landscapes of off-road cycling, there emerges a chameleon, a creature that is unpredictable yet alluring, challenging yet accessible, the Forbidden Druid. Here's an enigma that stretches the imagination and pushes the boundaries of mountain biking. A wolf in sheep’s clothing, the Druid is your next unexpected adventure, cloaked in the ordinary guise of a trail bike.

The Druid is the physical manifestation of the term ‘all-rounder', exuding a universal charm that enables it to straddle the worlds of after-work trail rides, weekend shuttle laps, and epic alpine traverses with equal gusto. When you're in the Druid's saddle, you're not merely riding a bike; you're experiencing a phenomenon, a vehicle that defies its own classification.

The primary magic trick up its sleeve is the high pivot Trifecta suspension system, a masterstroke of design that creates a zen-like harmony between playfulness, traction, and raw power. Picture the paradox: a rear wheel that can follow the terrain's rhythm while performing its own rebellious dance. The bike is unflustered by heavy impacts or rapid compressions, always ready to stabilize and rebalance itself just when you need it.

Now, about the term ‘anti-rise', a feature often misunderstood, even vilified. But fear not, for it's a tool to tame the wild stallion called heavy braking. It keeps the chassis steady when you hit the brakes, ensuring you can take on the most aggressive trails with the composure of a monk in meditation.

Then, there's the Rate Control Linkage, the heart of the suspension system. It fine-tunes the stages of the shock's compression, ensuring supple off-the-top performance and rock-solid end-stroke resistance, thereby aiding the absorption of the big hits. It's like a trusted bodyguard, absorbing the punches before they reach you.

No need to sweat on those technical ascents either. Thanks to the meticulously positioned idler pulley, the anti-squat characteristics of the bike have been fine-tuned to perfection. Result? Pedalling feels as efficient as a well-oiled machine. And for the flat pedal riders, there's minimal pedal kickback to worry about.

The Druid boasts an idiosyncratic design principle, a firm belief that every rider, irrespective of size or stature, should enjoy a similar riding experience. With scaled rear-center lengths for each frame size and seat angles that change progressively with the frame size, this bike guarantees a consistent riding experience across all sizes.

From the Burgtec handlebars to the Rock Shox suspension, every part and component have been selected to ensure optimal performance. Even the idler pulley system has been redesigned to enhance its longevity and compatibility with the latest drivetrains.

In terms of pricing, the Druid spans a range from the affordable GX AXS RS at $7,799 CAD to the high-end X0 AXS at $11,199 CAD. But whichever variant you choose, rest assured you're getting a unique blend of technology and design, of reliability and thrill.

The Forbidden Druid, in essence, is a piece of art crafted for the bold and the adventurous. Whether you are a seasoned mountain biker or an enthusiastic amateur looking to experience the uncharted terrains, the Druid serves as a reliable companion, pushing you to redefine your limits, and maybe even break a few rules while you're at it. After all, who's to stop a Druid?


  1. Trifecta Suspension: The high pivot point of the Forbidden Druid allows for a completely rearward axle path throughout its travel. This unique suspension system makes the bike more adept at handling rough terrain and helps maintain momentum.
  2. Versatility: The Druid's balanced geometry makes it a true trail bike, comfortable for both everyday rides and epic mountain traverses. It exhibits pedal-all-day efficiency and confidently tackles technical descents.
  3. Efficient Pedaling: The careful placement of the idler pulley in the bike ensures efficient pedaling, making the bike ideal for both uphill climbs and downhill rides.
  4. Sizing: The Forbidden Druid has put a lot of thought into their bike sizing, providing a consistent ride experience across all sizes. The rear-center measurement changes for each individual frame size, ensuring riders of different statures have a balanced weight distribution on the bike.
  5. Quality Components: The build specifications show that the Druid is made from high-quality materials and components. The bike uses a Rock Shox Lyrik Ultimate fork, Rock Shox Super Deluxe Ultimate rear shock, and SRAM components, all of which are top-tier in the mountain biking world.
  6. Maintenance: The bike is designed for easy maintenance with its new forged V2 Rate Control Linkage, locking collet axles, and oversized bearings.
  7. Water Bottle Fitment: Even the smallest frame size can fit a full-sized 26oz water bottle. This is a small but crucial detail for those long rides.


  1. Price: The high cost of the Forbidden Druid, especially for the top-spec X0 AXS build, can be a significant deterrent for many. The premium price tag may be justified by the advanced technology and high-end components used, but it's definitely on the upper end of the scale for trail bikes.
  2. Weight: Although the manufacturers have taken steps to reduce the frame's weight, some riders might find the bike slightly heavy compared to other offerings in the market.
  3. Suspension Complexity: The Trifecta suspension, while offering great performance, is more complex than many other designs. This might lead to increased maintenance requirements or difficulties for riders unfamiliar with such systems.
  4. Limited Color Options: As of the provided details, it doesn't mention any color options for the Druid, which may be a downside for those who prefer personalizing their bikes.
  5. Limited availability: The “Coming Soon” status for all the builds suggests availability might be limited, which can be a disadvantage for those who want to purchase immediately.

From $7,799

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