Industry Nine ENDURO 305 V3: Pushing Boundaries of Versatility in Mountain Bike Wheelsets

Versatile, Durable, Responsive, Customizable, Advanced

They say every good journey begins with a reliable companion. In this case, that companion doesn't cook up a good roast or mix a mean cocktail, but instead, carries you along rocky trails and soaring hills, through mud and dirt, from one adventure to the next. Ladies and gents, we’re talking about the Industry Nine ENDURO 305 V3 – a faithful beast ready to tackle the world of all-mountain biking with you.

Think of this as your passport to freedom, wrapped in a muscular, premium aluminum alloy rim. The EN305 is not just a wheelset, but a testament to tenacity and resilience, just like the folks who dare to ride it. Its design, whispering of all the whispers from the trail, marries aesthetic appeal with practicality, a look that you can customize with 11 anodized colors. Now, that's what I call a conversation starter at any pit stop.

The newest version of this stalwart boasts a 45% wider bead wall and a shallower rim profile. What does this mean for you? The broader bead wall actively wards off pinch flats and impact damage, while the shallower profile enhances radial compliance and traction. What you get is a less bumpy ride, more control, and the ability to carve your path on any trail. Be it your routine sufferfest or that dream journey to Whistler, the EN305 is as game as you are.

In terms of its engine, the soul of the wheelset, the 6 Pawl HYDRA Freehub Body delivers a groundbreaking 690 Points Of Engagement. That gives you an almost instantaneous response for every 0.52 degrees of rotation, offering control so fine, it borders on psychic.

Size-wise, the Enduro 305 caters to both the 27.5″ and 29″ crowds, with weights not so different that it's a deal-breaker either way. The weight distribution seems fair between the front and rear components. They haven't skimped on the rims, ensuring they stay robust without being overly heavy.

For the gearheads and tinkerers out there, this wheelset supports Shimano's 11 and 12-speed systems via Micro Spline, and is friendly to both tubeless and tube-type clincher tires. The E-Bike aficionados can rejoice too, as it is approved for use on Class 1 E-Bikes.

As for the warranty, it comes with a solid two years against defects in materials and workmanship. The coverage does have its caveats, but they're generally fair and reflective of responsible use.

This, my friends, is not just a wheelset; it’s a testament to adventurous spirits, a beacon of craftsmanship, and, quite frankly, a fun, rebellious beast ready to get dirty on the trails. This wheelset will inspire you, push you, and challenge you. And at the end of the day, isn't that what we're all after? The thrill, the excitement, the joy of getting out there and embracing the world. The Enduro 305 V3, much like life, is all about the ride.


  1. Radial Compliance and Traction: The newly designed shallower rim profile provides improved radial compliance and better traction. This results in a smoother ride, and better control on various terrains.
  2. Durability: The 45% wider bead wall is engineered to reduce the likelihood of pinch flats and impact damage, making the wheelset more robust and durable.
  3. Responsive Freehub Body: The 6 Pawl HYDRA Freehub body offers impressive engagement with 690 Points Of Engagement (P.O.E). This translates to almost instantaneous responses to rider input.
  4. Versatility: This wheelset caters to both 27.5″ and 29″ sizes, supports Shimano 11 and 12-speed systems, is compatible with tubeless and tube-type clincher tires, and is even approved for Class 1 E-Bikes.
  5. Customizability: With the Ano Lab Custom Color, riders can choose from 11 different anodized colors to create a unique wheelset that fits their aesthetic preferences.
  6. Warranty: The two-year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship provides some assurance of the product's quality.


  1. Warranty Limitations: While the wheelset does come with a two-year warranty, it is somewhat limited in scope. The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, and any damage due to lack of proper service intervals.
  2. Specific Use: The warranty does not cover use of the wheelset outside of its intended purpose. This limitation could be a con for riders who are looking for a more versatile product.
  3. Potential Weight Concerns: While the weight distribution seems fair, some riders might find the overall weight of the wheelset a bit on the higher side, particularly for high-performance riding.
  4. Premium Pricing: Given the high-quality materials and advanced design features, this wheelset is likely to come with a premium price tag. This could potentially be a con for budget-conscious riders.
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