Embrace Adventure with Hutchinson Wyrm’s Downcountry & Trail Tire

Versatile, robust, innovative downcountry trail tire

Ah, the open road, the muddy trails, and the thrilling unknown just around the bend – aren't these the elements that form the rhythm of our adventures? A good journey is defined by the unexpected challenges along the way, and a great tool to meet them is the new Hutchinson Wyrm Downcountry & Trail Tire.

This isn't your ordinary bike tire, not by a long shot. Imagine having the nimble agility of a cheetah with the sturdy power of a bull at your disposal. That's the kind of balance this Wyrm brings to the table. Partly inspired by cross-country (XC) tires with its low tread height, it’s a tire that bridges the realms of downcountry and enduro riding. Whether you're tackling the driest trails that demand rapid acceleration, or the slipperiest tracks where superior traction is king, this tire won't let you down.

Perhaps one of its most alluring features is its large volume. Ever noticed how the bigger things are, the harder they are to knock down? By increasing the tire's volume, you enjoy the benefits of a larger tire – improved traction, braking, and cornering ability – without the usual drawbacks. Lower tire pressure leads to increased flexibility and deformation, meaning the Wyrm conforms to the terrain rather than resisting it.

Now let's talk about the Wyrm's tread pattern. Much like the scales on a mythical creature, it's not just for show. This tire knows how to shed mud like a pro, enhancing traction and braking on looser terrains. The tread blocks are well-spaced, allowing the tire to effectively grapple with the ground beneath it, much like the determined grip of a mountaineer. The result is a tire that knows how to behave, whether it's biting into soft earth or holding fast on a rocky ridge.

One of the Wyrm's secret weapons lies in its dual chevron pattern. Picture a tire that knows when to be efficient, and when to be aggressive. The forward-facing chevrons have chamfered surfaces to improve rolling performance, while the rear-facing ones feature grooves that prevent the dreaded “sliding effect”. Together, they make for a tire that knows how to balance efficiency with traction, ensuring you're not sacrificing one for the other.

When it comes to construction, the Hutchinson Wyrm doesn't mess around. Sporting the same tubeless-ready 66tpi casing as the 2.4″ Kraken and Hardskin protection across its breadth, it's prepared to face down the roughest trails without flinching.

So, should you invest in the Hutchinson Wyrm Downcountry & Trail Tire? If you're an adventurer who seeks out the unpaved paths, if you find the untamed trail as enticing as I find the unexplored street food stall in a bustling market, then the answer is a resounding yes.

Like a trusty pair of boots, or a well-seasoned wok, this tire is more than just a tool – it's a companion for the journey. Enjoy the ride, my friends. Wherever you are, be all there. And let the Wyrm help you get there.


  1. Versatility: The Hutchinson Wyrm is designed to be an all-weather, all-terrain tire, effectively bridging the gap between cross-country (XC) and enduro riding styles. Whether you're exploring dry, challenging trails or slick, muddy paths, this tire is up to the task.
  2. Large Volume: The larger volume of the Wyrm allows for lower tire pressure, leading to increased flexibility and improved traction, braking, and cornering ability. This design gives you the benefits of a larger tire without the usual drawbacks.
  3. Effective Tread Pattern: Inspired by XC tire designs, the Wyrm features a low tread height but a large volume for balance. The well-spaced tread blocks enhance mud-shedding abilities, making the tire more capable in loose terrains.
  4. Innovative Chevron Pattern: The dual chevron pattern is not just visually appealing, it's functional too. The combination of forward-facing and rear-facing chevrons ensure both efficiency and traction, minimizing the chances of any “sliding effect”.
  5. Robust Construction: The Wyrm shares the same tubeless-ready 66tpi casing as the 2.4″ Kraken, and features bead-to-bead Hardskin protection. This robust construction ensures that the tire can withstand the harshest terrains without compromising its durability.


  1. Potentially Less Aggressive: The Wyrm, while impressive in its construction and design, is still a relatively low-height tire compared to more aggressive all-mountain tires. For some riders seeking the extreme, this may be a downside.
  2. Limited Sizes: Currently, the Wyrm is only available in a 29″, 2.4″ width. This may be a limitation for riders who prefer a different size or width for their mountain bikes.
  3. Cost: The top-tier, Racing Lab version of the Wyrm may seem pricey for some at €76, especially considering the slightly cheaper but similar quality tires available in the market.


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