Fliprocks Ultimate Sandals with interchangeable gripping soles

Up to 7 gripping pads to choose from

The Fliprocks Ultimate Sandals are designed to adapt to a variety of surfaces including river crossings, algae covered rocks, golf courses, and more. It features a unique patented gripping system that allows you to change parts of the sole with different GripToeNite gripping pads.

Each GripToeNite is made for a different terrain to maximize traction, stability, and comfort. Removing and installing the gripping pads is as easy as peeling it off and sticking in another one. No tools are required and it doesn't need glue.

The Ultimate Sandals also feature protective toe guards for protection in extreme conditions and a four point fastening system makes sure that your feet stay firmly in place when it should.

All Fliprock footwear come equipped with Timberline hiking pads, which is the best option for everyday use has an aggressive tread design that works great for hiking trails. Additional gripping pads can be purchased for $29.99.

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