Be free – CeramicSpeed Chainless Bicycle Drivetrain

Chains are easily the most annoying part of a bicycle, at least for me; they snag at your pants and can derail when you least want it too. It's about time for a chainless drivetrain like Ceramic Speed‘s award winning Driven Drivetrain.

 Instead of chains, the Driven Drivetrain features a carbon fiber shaft-driven bearing gear driving a 13-gear toothed plate in the rear. This results in 49% less friction compared to chain and derailleur setups. Movement is smooth and the system much more durable.

Traditionally and bike with a chain and derailleur system has 8 points of sliding friction. The Driven Chainless Drivetrain eliminates all eight.

The drive shaft is the result of a partnership with the Mechanical Engineering Department at the University of Colorado and uses 21 Ceramic Speed bearings to make it the world's most efficient drive train.

It is currently in the prototype stage so we'll have to wait a bit more for a chainless drivetrain.

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