Experience AGV X3000: Blending Historic Design with Cutting-Edge Safety

Legacy Meets Modern Safety

In the realm of protective headgear, the AGV X3000 is a tour de force, a seamless blend of retro aesthetics and cutting-edge technology. A homage to 15-time World Champion Agostini's helmet, it carries the spirit of a champion but doesn't rest on past laurels; it's both a tribute and an innovation.

Let's talk about the build. This helmet is all about quality, drawing from the original materials used by AGV. The outer shell is made from Advanced Composite Fiber (ACF) fiberglass, a durable yet lightweight material, ensuring you have a solid fortress for your cranium without feeling like you're lugging around a boulder. They've gone the extra mile by developing it in three shell sizes, keeping the weight down to a paltry 1,375g in the first shell size. It's not only a bonus for your neck, but also helps in optimizing compactness, which can be crucial for those tense overtaking maneuvers or slicing through city traffic.

Then there's the comfort. The interior is constructed with genuine leather and suede fabric, which not only feels premium but also offers excellent comfort during long rides. The embroidered logo inside adds a touch of class. It's removable and washable, ensuring your helmet stays fresh even after those grueling summer rides.

The AGV X3000's ventilation system deserves a special mention. It houses a visor on/off air vent with channels hollowed in the shell – a lifesaver for those in hotter climates or for the adrenaline junkies who really put their gears to the test.

One can't forget about its practical features either. The helmet is equipped with an anti-scratch visor that features a micro-opening system, great for those rainy or dusty rides. Furthermore, the double D-ring retention system guarantees secure fastening, leaving you to focus on the road and your journey.

Then there's the unique, contoured chin piece, a nod to Agostini's personal preference, designed to allow riders to lean right up against the gas tank – a small yet thoughtful feature that allows you to feel at one with your machine.

But beyond the specifications, what truly sets the AGV X3000 apart is the story it tells. Each helmet embodies the spirit of legendary racers, from the tricolor Agostini helmet to the Barry Sheene limited edition, each design honors these icons in the most distinctive way. Whether you choose the ‘Lucky' replica, honoring the unforgettable Marco Lucchinelli, or the Angel Nieto tribute, you're not just wearing a helmet; you're carrying a piece of racing history.

In a nutshell, the AGV X3000 is more than a helmet; it's a testament to passion and triumph. It's a perfect blend of history, aesthetics, and top-notch engineering. Whether you're a racer, a road-tripper, a city commuter, or simply someone with an appreciation for style and performance, this helmet ticks all the right boxes. It celebrates legends of the past while embracing the demands of the present. This is not just a helmet, it's a statement. Strap it on, throttle up, and make your own history.


  1. Design: The AGV X3000 showcases a vintage design reminiscent of racing history, combined with modern aesthetics. Each design variant is unique, paying tribute to various racing legends.
  2. Material and Weight: Constructed with ACF fiberglass, it's durable yet lightweight (1,375g in the first shell size). The three shell sizes optimize compactness and weight distribution, enhancing the wearer's comfort.
  3. Interior Comfort: The use of genuine leather and suede fabric on the interior provides premium comfort. The interior padding is breathable, removable, and washable, maintaining hygiene and freshness.
  4. Visor: The anti-scratch visor with a micro-opening system can be a game-changer in varying riding conditions. It's perfectly airtight and watertight, promising uncompromised visibility.
  5. Ventilation: It features a visor on/off air vent with channels hollowed in the shell, ensuring proper air circulation to keep the rider cool.
  6. Secure Fastening: The double D-ring retention system provides secure fastening, allowing riders to focus on their journey without worries about helmet stability.


  1. Price: With a range of $314.95 to $769.95, the AGV X3000 might not be budget-friendly for everyone. The higher price could be a deterrent for some potential buyers.
  2. Limited Editions: While the limited editions provide a unique selling point, they may also lead to availability issues, leaving potential buyers unable to get their desired design.
  3. No Neck Roll Removability: The non-removable neck roll could make thorough cleaning more challenging and potentially lead to discomfort for some riders.
  4. Aesthetics vs Practicality: The historic shapes and colors, while appealing to many, might not suit everyone's style. Some riders might prefer a more modern and sleek design.
  5. Manual Visor Mechanism: Despite being sturdy, the visor's metal opening mechanism is manual and might not be as convenient for some riders compared to automated systems.

From $314.95

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