Go the Extra Mile with Greyp G6.4 Pro’s Power-Packed Performance

Advanced, Powerful, Durable, Connected E-Bike

Ah, I've seen quite a few mechanical steeds in my time, but this here, the Greyp G6.4 Pro, well, it's more than just a bike – it's a fusion of technology and adventure. It's the manifestation of the spirit of exploration, packing a powerful punch with every feature.

The heart of this ride is the frame, an ultra-robust full T700 carbon construction, which holds up under the strain of grueling trails while keeping the total weight at a manageable 26 kilograms. This lightweight durability allows you to traverse the terrain with ease, navigating every bump and dip with confidence.

The G6.4 Pro rolls on a pair of SUNringle Duroc SD37 Comp wheels, with a broader 29″ up front and a sturdier 27.5″ in the back. Encased in these wheels are the Pirelli Scorpion e-MTB M tires, offering excellent grip on all surfaces, providing the assurance you need when exploring the unknown.

Speaking of exploring, one can't help but appreciate the bike's impressive navigational aids, like its 4G and WiFi connectivity, powered by T-Mobile until the end of 2024. Couple that with its dual integrated HD cams, and you have a perfect setup to explore, record, and rewind your journey at your leisure.

Handling this beast are the Greyp custom 165mm cranks and flat pedals, made from a robust alloy and Cr-Mo axle. They offer a seamless connection between the rider and the machine, allowing for precise control and immediate response in even the most demanding situations.

When the path turns steep and challenging, you can rely on the Rock Shox Lyrik Select fork and the Monarch RT rear shock, both providing a hefty 150mm travel. The smooth damping of these components offers comfort and control on every trail, making every ride a joy.

The bike's stopping power is supplied by the SRAM DB8 brakes, which feature a robust 4-piston setup that ensures swift and safe stops, no matter the conditions. Matched with the 203mm front and rear rotors, they provide a reassuring, powerful braking performance.

An electric bike wouldn't be complete without a robust motor, and the G6.4 Pro doesn't disappoint. The MPF 6.0C and 6.0s, with custom firmware and OTA updates, provide enough oomph to speed up any hill or long stretch of trail. And yes, there's an offroad-only mode, just in case you feel like letting loose.

The bike's price tag might be a bit of a gulp moment, but with all the tech and quality components packed into this frame, it's clear this is an e-bike designed for serious riders. Adventurous souls who crave a blend of durability, comfort, and next-level tech will find the Greyp G6.4 Pro to be more than worth the investment. So go ahead, hack those hills, and make every ride an adventure.


  1. Robust Construction: The full T700 carbon frame makes for a strong and lightweight build, ensuring durability on rugged terrains.
  2. High-End Components: The Rock Shox Lyrik Select fork and the Monarch RT rear shock provide excellent travel and damping, ensuring a comfortable ride over all terrains. The SRAM DB8 brakes offer reliable stopping power.
  3. Cutting-Edge Technology: Equipped with a 4G module, WiFi, and integrated HD cameras, the bike is designed for the modern, tech-savvy rider.
  4. Powerful Motor: The MPF 6.0C and 6.0s motors with custom firmware ensure an impressive e-bike performance, even on challenging terrains.
  5. Pirelli Scorpion e-MTB M Tires: These tires provide excellent grip and control, enhancing overall ride safety and enjoyment.


  1. Price: Priced at €7,499, the G6.4 Pro falls on the expensive side of the market. It's a considerable investment for most people.
  2. Weight: Despite its carbon frame, the bike weighs in at 26kg, which may be considered heavy by some riders, especially if they're accustomed to traditional, non-electric bikes.
  3. Limited Functionality on iOS: According to the product description, the mobile app functionality is limited for iOS users, which may be a downside for Apple device owners.
  4. Seat Post and Seat: The seat post (KS SHOCK – LEV-DX) and the seat (Fi”zi:k Monte) are not as prominent brands as the other components, which might leave some riders questioning their quality and comfort.
  5. Complexity for Casual Riders: With its advanced tech and high-end components, this e-bike might be overkill for casual or less tech-savvy riders who are looking for a straightforward, simple riding experience.


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