“Evergoods CPL24: Where Ergonomic Design and Detailed Organization Converge

Durable, breathable, ergonomic, sustainable backpack

The moment you cast your eyes on the Civic Panel Loader (CPL24), you are instantly captivated. It's not just another accessory; it's an emblem of a lifestyle that thrives on movement, adventure, and the thrill of the new.

There's something about the sleek, black, custom-developed textile that dances on the edge of rugged and chic, both understated yet undeniably dynamic. It's an armor for your belongings, a woven shield born of Ballistic 840D Nylon 6, designed not just to withstand the daily grind but also the occasional misadventure. You'll come to appreciate the bag’s dustproof quality and easy-to-clean surface as you traverse through the gritty heart of urban landscapes or the serene whispers of Mother Nature’s corners.

This bag has an underlying character of rugged tenacity, but it doesn’t miss a beat on the softer details. The back panel, for instance, it's a symphony of breathability and durability. The two-layer construction of 3D spacer mesh and an abrasion-resistant 50D monofilament woven material lends it an airy lightness, promising the feeling of a refreshing breeze even on the most sweltering summer days. What’s more, this panel refuses to pill, so don’t worry about it turning into a scratchy mess over time.

Responsible choices make for long-lasting consequences, and this bag certainly subscribes to this ethos. By opting to solution-dye their custom textile at the earliest stage of its creation, Evergoods has cut down on resources, offering you a more sustainable choice without compromising the lasting vibrancy of its strikingly black silhouette.

Evergoods didn’t just design a bag; they designed an extension of you, a piece that molds to your form and movement. With the ergonomic harness featuring 3D patterning, the CPL24 carries your gear high and comfortable, even with a laptop nestled inside. There’s a mindful balance in its design, where functionality meets comfort in a harmonious dance, making long carries feel effortless and freeing.

But let’s take a moment to appreciate the tactical brilliance of its storage design. Quick, easy access to your smaller essentials without setting the bag down, keeping those precious items tucked high above the main load. The front panel pocket's vertical orientation allows side access while wearing or from the ground, perfect for an urban explorer on the move. It's those thoughtful features that speak of a design philosophy rooted in understanding the rhythm of an active life.

A standout feature is the padded, suspended laptop compartment. This bag is not just about exploring, but it's also about working on the move. It's not just secure; it's smart, accommodating hydration bladders or tablets and even offering a small loop from which to hang them. A worthy chamber for your most vital of tech.

Now, let’s talk about the EV50 ZOTEFOAM shoulder straps. The result of high-pressure nitrogen gas creation, these straps give you a uniform, long-lasting resistance against the weight of your belongings. The result? A cloud-like lightness on your shoulders.

From top and side carry handles to low-profile right and left bladder ports, this bag has been meticulously crafted to suit the needs of the most discerning modern adventurer. Its removable, adjustable sternum strap ensures adaptability, whilst its durable, water-repellent shell fabric protects against the unpredictable.

I suppose it’s the culmination of these little and not-so-little things that make the CPL24 more than just a bag. It's your trusty sidekick, your ever-present companion, a testament to the adventurer in you, and a quiet celebration of the idea that the world is, indeed, your oyster.


  1. Custom-developed Textile: The CPL24 boasts a durable and rugged yet sleek textile. It's resistant to abrasion and dust, making it ideal for both urban and outdoor environments.
  2. Breathable Back Panel: The back panel features a new two-layer construction that enhances breathability. This feature is perfect for long carries or hot climates, ensuring user comfort.
  3. Eco-Friendly Production: The CPL24 is colored using a solution dyeing process at the initial stage of fabric development. This reduces the resources used, making the product more sustainable.
  4. Detailed Organization & Storage: The CPL24 features a thoughtful design with easy access to smaller items, a laptop compartment that can also accommodate a hydration bladder, and an exterior front panel pocket. These design elements enhance user convenience and adaptability.
  5. Ergonomic Harness: The backpack's ergonomic harness, with its 3D patterning, provides superior fit and comfort even when carrying heavy items such as a laptop.
  6. Superior Foam Straps: Made with Zote EV50 foam, the straps promise uniform density and long-lasting compression resistance, enhancing user comfort.


  1. Price Point: At $279, the CPL24 may not be affordable for everyone. Its price point places it in the higher bracket for everyday backpacks.
  2. Weight: Weighing 3.1 lbs (1406g), the CPL24 is relatively heavy for an everyday backpack, even before anything is placed in it.
  3. Limited Color Options: The CPL24 currently only comes in black. This could be a downside for customers seeking variety or a more personalized touch.
  4. Size: With a 24L volume, the CPL24 might not be large enough for those planning extended trips or needing to carry a significant amount of gear.
  5. Lack of External Attachments: For individuals who like to have quick access to items like water bottles or umbrellas, the lack of external pockets or attachment loops might be a drawback.
  6. Potential Over-Engineering: The complexity of design features, such as nitrogen gas created foam and custom-developed textile, might be excessive for users seeking a simple, everyday backpack.


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